The miracle at Cana(John 2:1-12)

Wine ran out at Marriage

What happens at the wedding feast at Cana often sooner or latter occurs in so many marriage today.

              IN MARRIAGES

Every marriage starts with a feast of joy.Couple surrounded by family,friends and well-wishers who shower them gifts.The couple are full of hopes and dreams.later they set off on their honeymoon.While these are going on,the joy and happiness for each continue to radiate,flowing freely like wine.They couple  comes back from honeymoon with great joy,enthusiasm and happiness in each others’ company.For so many couples, at this time,their love was pre-ordained in heaven and meant to last to eternity.

However,with time they began to realise that they did not marry an angel but an imperfect human being.The honeymoon is over.The wine has ran out.

The question then is,what often happens at this time?

In the world of today,what we often witness at such period in  marriages is the tendency to run out in the name of divorce.This is mostly witnessed in many young men women of today because so many no longer marry because of true love.A love that is not based on any material condition..So many marry because of the physical beauty and handsomness which quickly fades away some marry as because of material wealth,So marry thinking that marriage is an easy way out or an escape means from sexual promiscuity ….unfortunately many who are motivated to marry  by any of these conditions often runs away as soon as these physical conditions fades .For such couples marriage is only a passing alliance of two selfish human beings .So when they have taken all they can from each other,they look elsewhere for more fruit that can be picked and eaten without pain or effort.

But what is expected from couples when wine runs out?..Dear this moment in your marriage,do not panic,do not despair,do not look for anything to substitute your wife or husband..Be reminded that the wine will never flow forever….Definitely it will finish someday….Now it is finished,what can i do will be your question?...You have something to do...Go back to the institutioner and founder of the vocation of marriage...That founder is God...The third person in every marriage...Ask Him of what do,Do not worry for worry cannot solve that problem for you..Talk to God about that situation..tell Him that the wine is finished….tell Him never to allow you to be embarrassed…..Approach your God through the Mother who knows how to ask well from the Son and one whom her son never refuses anything.Mary places herself between us and her son in the reality of our wants ,needs and sufferings...In her position as mother ,she puts herself in the middle acting as a mediatrix not as an outsider….Beseech her..cry out to her...She also married...She knows the ups and downs of marriage...She experienced the threat of divorce but she never gave..She never gave up because no fault was found in her...but if the fault is from you,ask God for forgiveness.He is mercy and He will show you mercy….while you pray and fast open your ears to listen to our lady say to you…”what he ask you to do,do it….And what are those things..

  • Always Pray together..Cultivate that tradition of praying together
  • Respect and honour each other
  • Encourage each other,understand that love is a choice,not a mere feeling
  • Never share the problems in your marriage with anyother outside God,your priest,and in rare cases your sponsors at marriage
  • protect and honour your marriage vows,take time to communicate with each other
  • Be swift to hear but slow to speak

Rev.Fr.Alexander U Okere

Catholic Archdiocese Owerri

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