Just saw this over on G.T.V.........too funny!


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Oh, Poor Peter B.!!  Our poor late lamented chum..........should have known better than to send an Aussie out in the Canadian wilderness.

A round of "Waltzing Matilda" in his honor..........

David Kaftal said:

He got distracted by a bag of peanuts he found in the hunter's vest pocket.

Alley said:

OK, but where is the bear?

David Kaftal said:

The driver and passengers were wearing moose heads.There are reports that alcohol was involved.

Dawn Marie said:

Have to copy this. LOL!

Dawn Marie said:


David Kaftal said:

In case you were wondering...

Thanks for the info David, I have always wondered about that.

I hope the information is correct. I found it on the website of a drive-thru coffee place. I did find another figure for brewed coffee when I looked around a little more. It was bit higher — 110 mg. instead of 95. I guess it depends on the size of the "cup" of coffee.

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