Crusaders of the Immaculate Heart

Dear Crusaders,

If you are familiar with the story of Lepanto you will know that when the battle began the turks were winning.  They were winning because the winds were in their favor. 

When Our Lady appeared in the skies above the battle the winds turned instantaneously in our favor and the victor in this battle became absolute.  Despite being outnumbered and despite the fact that the turks had much better and much bigger ships the course of history was changed that day.  Our Lady gave the victory.

As the battle in the courts begin today it is important to note that despite the early calls by the left that the battle is over and they have won this is simply not true.

So I am asking all Crusaders to pick up your rosary today and ask Our Lady of Lepanto to turn the winds in our favor as she did that day.

Be at peace and remember that if you have been seeing an unusual amount of agitation in the air around you or an unusual amount of darkness and confusion, if you have felt defeated or discouraged this is to be expected as we are now in full blown battle with the enemies of darkness.

Fight back against this evil.  Use your holy water, pray your rosary, invoke Saint Benedict and invoke Saint Michael.  Know this, Christ is already the victor.  He will save us but not without us.  Stand and fight and DO NOT GIVE UP!

We all may be separated by geography but we are united in the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts and that is what matters.

As you know Archbishop Vigano has called this America's Lepanto.  So let us do battle as those who went before us did battle that day!


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Amen!! Let's do it! Queen of Heaven and earth, plead for Thy people as queen Esther pleaded for hers!








The other day I posted that the finality for this election is December 12th.  I deleted the whole comment because I wanted to research all this information.  In fact the final day, litigation's or not fraud or not is December 12th.

This being the case that is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  This also means that the final vote will be December 13th and ratified in congress December 14th.

These dates are extremely important.  At Fatima Our Lady wore the star of Esther.  In doing this she gave us a preview of what to expect.  Knowing this we must look at what happened with Esther and how it all played out.  It also was a political scheme in the story of Esther and which we are seeing now here in the U.S. play out very similar.  The date to vote for the jews to be killed and the law stating they could not even defend themselves was December 13th.  Once voted it was declared the law of the land.

With the Esther situation a very evil man had fooled the king Xerxes into believing he was good and eventually gained the confidence of Xerxes enough that the king had given him full and total control over the land in his absence while the king was to go off to war.  The stage was set for this wicked man Haman the Agagite to enact his plan to kill all the jews without there being any obstacles.  All hope was lost so the jews implored Esther who also was a jew (but in secret as her husband the king did not know this) to approach her husband and intercede in saving them.

This was a death sentence for Esther as approaching the king without being called by him was decapitation.  Esther asked her people to fast pray and do penance for three days leading up to the day she would go to the king.

Haman had built gallows in anticipation of hanging many jews.  Long story short Esther interceded with the king and the king ended up catching Haman by his own words in the deception he had been involved in in deceiving the king.

The king ordered Haman hung by the very gallows he built for the jews.  It was to late for the king to change the order as there were literally only hours left.  So he put Esther's Uncle Mordecai in the position which had previously been held by the wicked Haman.  Mordecai sent out messengers to tell the jews they could defend themselves when the army showed up to arrest or kill them.

In this onslaught not one jew died and all of Haman's 10 sons were killed.  Peace ensued in the land.

Fatima and Our Lady of Guadalupe

Editor’s Note: If you are unfamiliar with the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we suggest reading the original version, translated from Nahuatl into English, called Nican Mopohua, ‘Herein is Told.’ It was written by Antonio Valeriano, a well-educated Aztec from the noble class who became a devout Catholic. He received this narrative directly from St. Juan Diego, writing it down circa 1540. A manuscript copy from 1649, by Fr. Luis Laso de la Vega, is housed in the National Library of Méxcio. The work also goes by the name Huei Tlamahuiçoltzin, or ‘The Great Event.’ We have it posted HERE.

God often uses typology[1] as a very effective and powerful means by which to instruct man and to strengthen him in faith and hope. In fact, all the events of the Old Testament foreshadow the New and look to their perfect fulfillment in Christ. Contemplating Divine Providence in terms of typology is apostolic, as St. Paul often relies upon it (see Gal 4:21-23 and Heb 9 for just a few examples) and is clearly rooted in the Church Fathers. St. Augustine famously wrote, “The New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old Testament is unveiled in the New.” Yet typology is not limited to the Sacred Scriptures, for God’s activity is present throughout our history. In honor of Our Blessed Mother, let us briefly consider the wondrous example of typology from Our Lady of Guadalupe to Our Lady of Fatima.

In 1521, Hernán Cortés conquered the Aztec Empire for the Spanish crown. Historian Warren Carroll explains how Cortés and his men knew they were in a life and death struggle against demonic forces. They were horrified by the gruesome ritualistic human sacrifices of thousands, by the human blood savagely drunk by Aztec priests, and by the indigenous’ worship of diabolic idols. According to their own testimony, these men fought for the Cross and were driven by the desire to redeem a kingdom of darkness for Christ.[2]

Nevertheless, the Christians’ effort to evangelize the people of the Americas was proving very difficult and slow going. There was much resistance. Some indigenous would even hide their idols beneath or behind Catholic statues and Crucifixes so as to feign Christian devotion. Authentic conversions were few and far between. Rumors were circulating that the indigenous were organizing a violent rebellion. Confronted by the immoral obstinacy of governing Spanish officials and the ineffectiveness of missionary efforts, Bishop Juan de Zummáraga was at his wits end. The Franciscan bishop had a strong Marian piety and he was fervently supplicating Our Lady‘s succor.

In answer to his prayers, Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego on Saturday, December 9th, the day following the Franciscans’ celebration of Her Immaculate Conception.[3] Although Zummáraga was initially hesitant and Juan Diego skipped an appointment with the Queen of Heaven on December 11th, the great miracle wrought by Our Lady speedily removed all doubt. Obedience was prompt, joyful and complete.

Within two weeks, the chapel requested by Our Lady had been built. A joyous procession, which included the resurrection of an Aztec accidentally pierced through the throat by a stray arrow, carried the supernatural Tilma to Tepeyac Hill. The bishop consecrated the altar with a Mass on December 26, 1531, the feast of the First Martyr, St. Stephen.[4] From that day on, a continuous stream of indigenous pagans came to view and venerate Our Lady’s image. The Franciscans record teams of friars catechizing and baptizing thousands all day long. Over the next ten to twenty years, an approximate eight to ten million indigenous embraced the True Faith.

We also cannot fail to note that this is the same time period when Christian Europe was being torn asunder by the protestant heresies of Luther, Zwingly, Calvin, Henry VIII, et al. An approximate five million Catholics were apostatizing away from the Church and the seeds were being planted for the rationalism[5] and liberalism which characterized the Age of Darkening (delusionally referred to by many as the ‘Enlightenment’). The inevitable progression of these errors, clearly delineated by Pope St. Pius X, is the rise of agnostic Freemasonry, the divorce of Church and State in liberalized democracies, the birth of atheistic communism, and the exaltation of man by modernism. It was as these terrible errors were coming to full fruition that Our Lady appeared at Fatima.

Our Lady’s apparitions at Tepeyac clearly serve as type for Her apparitions at Fatima. Just as the Americas were under diabolic dominion, Christian Europe – and the world – had fallen under the terrible control of Satan. The 19th century was riddled with revolutions that dethroned Christ and rejected His Social Kingship. Pope Leo XIII had warned that Freemasons were no longer concerned with hiding their attacks on the Church. He had also experienced a supernatural vision in which he heard Our Lord grant Satan more time and more power to attempt to destroy the Church. And already in 1903, St. Pius X had written, “Who can fail to see that society is at the present time, more than in any past age, suffering from a terrible and deep-rooted malady which, developing every day and eating into its inmost being, is dragging it to destruction? …  This disease is apostasy from God” (E Supremi, #2).

Our Lady of Guadalupe came when much of Christian Europe was abandoning the Catholic Church; She came to Fatima when the vast majority of the world was rejecting Christ’s true Church. The Blessed Mother came to America when the world was poised to change dramatically on account of geographic discoveries; She came to Portugal when the world was on the verge of changing even more drastically on account of technological discoveries. While Our Lady came to the Americas after they had just experienced war and were on the verge of a potentially far worse one, She came to Fatima when Europe was in the dying throes of The Great War (later to become known as World War I), which would also soon be followed by a far worse war.  A bishop pleaded for Her aid in 1531; similarly, Pope Benedict XV begged for Her heavenly assistance on May 5, 1917.[6]

Our Lady of Guadalupe came with great maternal solicitude saying: “Am I not here who am your Mother? Are you not under My shadow and protection? Am I not your fountain of life? Are you not in the folds of My mantle? In the crossing of My arms? Is there anything else you need?” She taught that if we turn to Her, She has the power to protect us from all dangers. We hear this re-echoed yet in a more intense manner at Fatima, as She lets us know that at this moment in history ‘only She can help us.’ Yet Her Rosary has now been given more power and efficacy by God than ever before. There is no problem, personal, social or global, be it however great, that prayerful recitation of the Rosary and Our Lady’s intercession will not solve. Even now, despite the malevolent torrents which seemingly overwhelm us, She has the unlimited power to protect and save our souls from any and every danger!

This typology then extends into the great Miracle of the Tilma and the great Miracle of the Sun.

To be continued…



Come to our aid, Dear Mother.





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