Thanks for prayers for my husband Ron, some of the interesting story...Holy Mass for Crusaders, Christmas Eve

Dear Fellow Crusaders,

Thank you all for your prayers over the last two months following Ron's, my husband, sudden cardiac arrest.  He is home and slowly recovering.

I have asked Father James Haynos to offer Holy Mass for the Crusaders, and, providentially, that Mass will be offered Dec. 24, Christmas Eve! Thank you, Mother!

Some remarkable occurrences surrounding this event are worth relating.

We were at the local Farmers' Market Saturday, Aug. 31, when Ron collapsed suddenly and completely unexpectedly, before my eyes, as if he fainted, but the look in his eyes and face was as one who was no longer present.  That morning he had remarked to me that he forgot to wear his Brown Scapular. The first thing I did was place my Scapular around his neck.

In no time three women were at his side. First mouth to mouth, then CPR, and then a defibrillator were brought to resuscitate him (turns out they were all professionals in the medical field).  In twelve minutes the ambulance was there, and, as a deputy led me away to drive me to the hospital, I heard someone yell, "we have a pulse".  Until then I didn't know if Ron was alive.

The first person to come to the hospital, within 15 minutes, was a fellow Crusader, Judy Odea! She had her phone with her and called our priest, Father James Haynos who is over 200 miles from us. Ron was life-flighted to St. Patrick's Hospital in Missoula; Judy and I drove there and who was there but another fellow Crusader, Shawn, and her husband. Fr. Haynos arrived next to give Ron Extreme Unction. He was quite unconscious; the doctors in ICU were putting him in a hyperthermic  state to preserve him. What a hero Father is!  God bless Shawn and Judy for their help in getting Father to Ron's side.

The doctor said Ron might regain consciousness as early as Monday, and as late as Thursday. He began to awake early Monday. That day a dear friend from our parish showed up at the hospital with a relic, a sleeve from the garment of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success that the Sisters in Quito gave him.  God bless Bob R. for bringing that to us. I just happened to have with me a novena prayer to Our Lady of Good Success and Shawn had given me a Brown Scapular with Her image to replace the one I had placed over Ron's shoulders.

Ron regained consciousness in time for a visit from Fr. Haynos who was returning that Monday to Post Falls, ID. He was able to talk and swallow; he made his confession and received Holy Viaticum.

Thank you all for your prayers.  I am so grateful. Ron has spent this last month doing all he can to shorten any delay he is due in purgatory, reading and praying.

Thanks to prayers of the faithful, the Brown Scapular, Holy Viaticum, Extreme Unction, and Our Lady of Good Success, and the Crusaders and the SSPX, which provided us with Father Haynos!


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Comment by Dawn Marie on October 20, 2013 at 6:19pm

This is really remarkable Sue!  Who could not see the hand of God in this, taking care of your beloved husband :)  It's so clear and I'm so grateful. 

Thank you again in your generous and thoughtful gift of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and on Christmas Eve no less.  Our Lord and His Mother are also very kind, generous and thoughtful to have arranged such an occasion.

Continued prayers for your Ron and for you of course! :)

Comment by Cathleen on October 20, 2013 at 11:56am

Thank you for sharing that wonderful and truly uplifting story of God's Love and Providence.  I will continue prayers for both of you.  Thank you especially in arranging for that Holy Mass for all of us....truly the best gift any friend can give to another.

Comment by Alan on October 20, 2013 at 6:51am

The good Lord wanted him to live.  I pray your husband gets completely out of any kind of danger and that all continues to go good for him.  This is a providential chain of events, it looks like God is not ready for him.

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