There was a Catholic priest present why did he not exorcise all!

Why did the audience just sit there watching?

Pray a great deal, we are surely in end times.

God bless all Crusaders and their families.


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Comment by Alley on May 19, 2017 at 1:15pm

We must internalize everything, pray from our hearts in secret. Giving everything, every

little act of our Daily Duty to God through Jesus and Mary. God needs our every heart beat

as an act of Love an act of Faith, Hope, a Sacrifice! etc...

These times are truly perilous, and evil abounds in every hidden place. So we must

give to Our Lord and God the hidden places within our hearts (the silence, the love)

to counter this evil.


If these horrible things are done in the open what must they be doing in secret that is

far more sinister, I am sure than any one of us can imagine. 

There is not a nation, a country that the "evil one's" do not control on some level.

Every religion that is practiced by human beings is controlled by the evil one's.

Including and especially francis the destroyers fake catholic religion. 

I find it strange that ALL and I mean ALL of the Leaders of every Country

and ALL Religious Leaders of EVERY RELIGION have made a pilgrimage visit to the Antarctic. 

Now that is strange, why would anyone go there? Hmmmm

It is as if these Leader's are All under some sort of spell.

So, we must pray from our hearts in secret (with love) to counteract the evil being

performed in ceremonies like this one at CERN and moreover the ones being performed

in secret (the murdering of babies and children, sacrificed to the devil).  

Comment by Cathleen on May 1, 2017 at 8:05am

I saw that report & video a few months ago.  It was chilling.  I think the worst part is that now they are so blatant about the whole thing.....and, like Anne said, the audience (including world dignitaries, etc) just sat there and did nothing.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

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