Pilgrimage to Aylesford - St Simon Stock

yesterday on the 18th August I took a pilgrimage to the Carmelite monastery in Aylesford where St Simon Stock received the scapular from Our Lady of Mount Carmel in a vision. She promises that those who wear the brown scapular will not perish in the eternal fire. 

The friary was founded by Simon De Montfort of the Crusades who had rescued the devotees of  the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Muslim invaders. They had lived on Mount Carmel since her existence had been foretold by Elijah in the Old Testament. 

 It was beautiful. The rosary garden was in full bloom, and  anyone who has a devotion to the two Carmelite Saints Therese of Liseux and Saint Theresa of Avila would be satisfied that they were remembered in this ancient friary

I usually take my pilgrimage pouch with all the previous years of intentions with me but I’d forgotten it and that meant I’d forgotten my Litany of the 40 Martyrs prayer. Fortunately the 40 English and Welsh Martyrs were listed from wall to ceiling in the sanctuary, so I was able complete my traditional prayers after all! 

I remembered the Crusaders intentions and touched 3 scapulars to the cranium of St Simon de Montfort reliquary if anyone would like one? I lit a votive candle for the Crusaders on the left of the picture.

In the union of prayers

Kate Jackson 

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