Perseverance in Prayer for the Departed

Holy Church, our good and tender mother, most ardently desires that her children be admitted to the beatific vision of God, and incessantly offers pious supplications, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Divine Office, to obtain mercy for the suffering souls, thereby teaching us to think of them frequently; for to the end of time there shall be souls in the flames of Purgatory in need of assistance and fervent prayers, which we should never fail to offer in their behalf. The ways of God are often inscrutable, and His designs concerning the holy souls are unknown to us.

Hence there may be among their number some who have a just claim on our assistance, although a long time may have passed away since the close of their earthly career.

Should the souls of our own beloved dead no longer be in need of our suffrages, they will be bestowed upon others, who are deserving of our mercy as well; thus, our prayer, our labor of love, will not be less salutary and meritorious, and indeed, life is not too long for us to practice this genuine charity to the end.

Prayer: We beseech Thee, O Lord, grant us the grace to persevere in our charity towards the souls in Purgatory; deign to look with eyes of mercy upon these penitent souls; deliver them from their suffering, and open to them the portals of Heaven. Through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Special Intercession: Pray for the souls who suffer for inconstancy in the service of God.

Lord grant them eternal rest and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. (Three times.)

Practice: Examine how you have kept your good resolutions, particularly in what manner you have performed your devotions and works of charity for the suffering souls.

Invocation: My Jesus, mercy!

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Comment by Merewalesi drinamate on June 16, 2017 at 8:18pm

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most Precious blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen. 

My Jesus Mercy, Mary help. Amen ❤❤❤

Comment by Alley on May 19, 2017 at 6:39pm

With love +

Comment by AnnaMaria on October 21, 2016 at 7:42pm


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