Perpetual Help means consolation in afflictions, in poverty, in illness, in labors; strength to give up sin, whether mortal or venial, and not to fall into it again.

Perpetual Help means fidelity in the service of the Lord and of the Virgin Herself and, therefore, final perseverance.

Perpetual Help means courage in the practice of virtue, special protection in the terrible hour of death, prompt and efficacious relief in the dreadful prison where just souls who are still indebted to Divine Justice suffer before entering the heavenly homeland.

Perpetual Help means that, even when circumstances or situations occur where everything seems hopeless, there is still one certain recourse – the protection of the Blessed Virgin.


Do you see, O man! Whoever you may be and in whatever occupation you find yourself, you have no reason to be discouraged. Find in Our Lady of Perpetual Help a most kind Mother Who helps you in your miseries if you confide in Her. She will help you continually until seeing you one day seated at Her side in Heaven.


Christian, what will you do in this struggle so terrible with the world, the flesh and the devil? Will you surrender your arms declaring yourself defeated? No! That would be great and criminal cowardice. Ah! Let that not be your conduct! Rather let us have recourse to Our Lady and Her Perpetual Help will attain victory for us.


O Mother of Perpetual Help! In the same manner as a poor, ragged and wounded one presents himself to a great queen, I present myself to Thee, Who art the Queen of Heaven and earth. From the exalted throne where Thou art seated, I beg Thee, do not disdain to turn Thy merciful eyes toward this unhappy sinner. For that is why God has enriched Thee so much, to help the poor, and He has established Thee, Queen of Mercy, so Thou mayest alleviate the miserable.

Behold me, then, and have mercy on me. I am not unaware that Thy merciful Heart finds consolation in aiding the miserable. Today, then, console Thy pious Heart and console me, too, because Thou hast occasion to assist me. See, O tender Mother, the afflictions of my heart, see the needs of my family. There are so many causes for affliction in my own home and so much persecution on the part of my neighbors. Illness torments my body and interior pains devour my soul. In these afflictions to Whom must I have recourse, O my Lady and Mother, but to Thee Who art Mother of Perpetual Help? Allow me, then, to say with St. Bernard:

"Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help or sought Thine intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence I fly unto Thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother! To Thee I come, before Thee I kneel, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in Thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen."


O my Mother of Perpetual Help! In Thy hands I place my pour soul. I entrust to Thee my perseverance. Intercede for me, an unhappy sinner. Take me under Thy protection and this will suffice for me. Indeed, if Thou protectest me, I have nothing to fear. I do not fear my sins, because Thou wilt remedy the evil they have caused me. I do not fear the devils, because Thou art more powerful than all Hell. I do not even fear my Judge Himself, because by one word from Thee Thou wilt appease His just indignation. No, I do not fear anything.

Oh! In spite of all this, my Mother, one fear assaults me. And it is that of forgetting Thee, of ceasing one day to call Thee to my aid and thus to be lost for all eternity. O my tender Mother! Obtain for me the grace of commending myself to Thee always. And if now Thou foreseest that one day I will abandon Thee, let me die today at Thy feet before the world may be witness to such great ingratitude. But, no, O Mother, I will not forget Thee. I would rather that my right hand wither, that my tongue be paralyzed than not go one day to sing of Thy mercies forever and ever. Amen.


O Mother of Perpetual Help! What will become of me when I am at the point of delivering my soul to God? From now on, when I consider my sins, when I think of that terrible moment that must decide my salvation or my eternal perdition, I begin to tremble and become perplexed. O my Mother of Perpetual Help! Do not abandon me in that tremendous hour. What will become of me if Thou dost abandon me in that supreme moment? O Holy Virgin, my Hope, cone to my aid in the tremendous anguish in which I will then be held prisoner. Fortify me when the devil wants to fling me into despair by the memory of the sins I have committed. Obtain for me the grace to invoke Thee then more often than ever so I may die uttering Thy most sweet name together with that of Thine adorable Son and so I may die loving God and loving Thee to go afterwards to love Thee eternally in Paradise. Amen.


"O Mother of Perpetual Help! O Thou Who dost never abandon Thy children and helpest them perpetually in life, in death and even in Purgatory itself, behold here at Thy feet a poor sinner who, filled with confidence, has recourse to Thee and gives himself to Thee. Many and great are the sins I have committed. I hope, O my Mother, they have been forgiven. But I do not know if I have done for them the penance due and it is likely I may have to continue expiating them in Purgatory. Ah, if such would be my lot, do not cease to visit me in that terrible prison. Console me then and alleviate my pains. Finally, be my perpetual help until seeing me in Heaven, praising Thee and singing of Thy mercies for all eternity. Amen."

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