Holy Child Mary of the royal house of David,

Queen of the angels, Mother of grace and love,

I greet thee with all my heart.

Obtain for me the grace to love the Lord faithfully during

all the days of my life. Obtain for me, too, a great devotion

to thee, who are the first creature of God's love.

(Hail Mary)

O heavenly Child Mary, who like a pure dove was born

immaculate and beautiful, true prodigy of the wisdom of

God, my soul rejoices in thee. Oh! Do help me to preserve

the angelic virtue of purity at the cost of any sacrifice.

(Hail Mary)

Hail, lovely and holy Child, spiritual garden of delight, where,

on the day of the Incarnation, the tree of life was planted,

assist me to avoid the poisonous fruit of vanity and pleasures of the world.

Help me to engraft into my soul the thoughts, feelings,

and virtues of thy Divine Son.

(Hail Mary)

Hail, admirable Child Mary, Mystical Rose, closed garden,

open only to the heavenly Spouse. O Lily of paradise,

make me love the humble and hidden life;

let the heavenly Spouse find the gate of my heart always open

to the loving calls of His graces and inspiration.

(Hail Mary)

Holy Child Mary, mystical dawn, gate of heaven,

thou art my trust and hope.

O powerful advocate, from thy cradle stretch out thy hand,

support me on the path of life.

Make me serve God with ardor and

constancy until death and so reach an eternity with thee.

(Hail Mary)

Blessed Child Mary, destined to be the Mother of God and our loving Mother, by the heavenly graces thou dost lavish upon us, mercifully listen to my supplications. In the needs which press upon me from every side and especially in my present tribulation, I place all my trust in thee.


O holy Child, by the privileges granted to thee alone and by the merits which thou hast acquired, show that the source of spiritual favors and the continuous benefits which thou dispense are inexhaustible, because thy power with the Heart of God is unlimited.


 Deign through the immense profusion of graces with which the Most High has enriched thee from the first moment of  thy Immaculate Conception, grant me, O Celestial Child, my petition, and I shall eternally praise the goodness of thy Immaculate Heart. Amen.


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