This is instruction was given by  the blessed virgin Mary to the disciples of Christ at the wedding at Cana. In  my daily bible readings,i have come across this instruction severally but when i was reflecting on this on sunday,I marvelled at such a faith.It seems I was reading it the first time

From the scripture ,the wedding feast was Christ first public ministry,He performed His  first miracle here at the instance of His Mother

Christ first miracle happened to be take place  in a marriage ceremony.This explains how noble,sacred and holy our Lord  holds the marriage institution.Christ desires that every family lives in love,peace and unity...He desires the joy and happiness of every couple .He desires the couple's to be  faithful to each other...He desires respect for each other.He desires openness and truthfulness of couples to each other.He desires that couples should always come to Him in times of trials,tribulations and difficulties…

Have you been going through tribulations,trials,persecution and temptations in your marriage?..Is your marriage becoming like water laying flat and without the ferment of purpose?......stop crying...stop thinking...stop worrying….Have you tried everything you can and no solution?, But have you tried going to Jesus through His Mother?....Why must it be through His Mother you may ask?...Through His Mother because He never refuses her anything...and because of what?....because she is her mother and because this mother is a woman of faith,a woman that is full of the grace of God,the tabernacle of love,the ark of the covenant,,the cause of our joy,and the mother of divine grace. She is our lady of perpetual help

Our lady of perpetual help is always close to carry your marital problems to her Son.....Stop fretting ,calm your nerves….Christ’s wish for you in that marriage is not to be unhappy every day...His wish is not to take away your joy and happiness...He wants you to enjoy your marriage..He wants you to be happy and cheerful everyday…little wonder He had to even carry out the miracle at the wedding of Cana...He wants the joy of couples…

Go back to Jesus…..Arm yourself with the grace of  faith ….What kind of faith You may ask?...A faith like that of the blessed virgin Mary,a faith that has absolute trust and confidence in God…A faith that has a blind trust in God...A faith that is certain that there must be a light at the end of every  tunnel..Remember,this Mother approached her Son and He replied…”Woman, what do you want from me? My hour has not come yet.”(John 2:4)......Remember that prior to this ,this woman have never seen her Son do any miracle...How did she know that her Son can do such a thing ?...She knows because she knows the Son,she is full of grace...She communes and dines with God..She is a sheep that listens to the voice of the shepherd,she knows the voice of his shepherd and the shepherd knows the voice of His flock…

In Faith our lady  made a request and got a disheartening and demoralizing response but she never relented. She walked straight to the apostles and said to them in faith…”“DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU”....This is the height of faith.This is the height of trust and confidence. Notwithstanding Christ’s response ,Our lady was very much sure and certain that Jesus will carry out the miracle...What a great faith exercised by a woman of faith...This is the kind of faith expected from you when your marriage seems crumbling….when the whole world seems to cave in on you...Have that Faith in God...Beseech our lady...Trust in Jesus.thrust your worries,pains and tribulations   into His holy hands ...Like our lady ...Rejoice,celebrate and be happy even when the prayers seems yet unanswered…..create a condition in your mind that prayers have already been answered and surely your prayer will be answered.For God's plan for you is a plan of future and never a plan of destruction (Jeremiah 29:11).Heaven and Earth will pass away but not an iota of His word shall pass away.

Rev.Fr.Alexander U Okere

Catholic Archdiocese Owerri

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Comment by Flavia Talladen Schott on September 16, 2019 at 6:49pm

O Mother Mary, obtain for us our daily petitions. 

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