Dear Mother Mary,

Mother of mercy,refuge of sinners,comforter of the afflicted..You conceived your only son by the power of the Holy Spirit.You became a living tabernacle that kept,nourished ,protected and harbored the second person of the Divine Trinity..You nourished and nurtured God himself who  was ,is and will always remain your Son.

You protected your Son ,Jesus from so many harms including the harm Herod wanted to inflict on him...You prepared him for the battle of Gethsemane and Calvary.You initiated the step towards his first miracle..This miracle happens to be the miracle at Cana...A wedding miracle ..A miracle that validates the divine origin,foundation and God’s plan on marriage....this marriage was between a man and a woman...this marriage was expected to bear fruits and by fruits I mean ....children .and it actually did.

Today,this foundation is under attack.Attack from the civil society,attack from pagans,attack from even ordained men of God who pretend to be followers of your Son….So many families today have been battered by the storms of selfish interest,infidelity  and materialism leading to divorce,so many have been battered by the storm of overly ambition,lack of self contentment,hatred,pride inordinate possessions that makes them see themselves as the be all and end all.

So many families today do not remember God in their day to day activities...Some hardly many do not go to church...for many God is just a myth...WHY because so many parents have failed in their work of parenting….So many parents barely live out their christian life much more implanting it in their children .What will a father or mother that do not go to church tell his/her Son or daughter that doesn’t see any need to pray? 

The family is under siege …..The family which is rightly described as the domestic church is under attack..and as such everything about Christianity(Catholicism) is under attack…The kids of the church today,makes up the youths of the church tomorrow and the fathers and mothers of the future….this is how the church grows….but if this foundation is destroyed as it’s being destroyed now dear the world and Christianity in particular will be affected …But who is attacking the church?...the church is being attacked by the world of abortion that destroys human life and invariably reduce the number of those who will replace our aging Christian community .Mother Church is being attacked by ideologies like homosexual union that yields no fruit than selfish and immoral and unbridled desires...The church is attacked today by the growing number of divorce that destroys the opportunity of kids growing in a morally  balanced,faithful and healthy family ..The church is under attack by the ideology of transgender that makes a mockery of God’s sole creative power and an ideology that makes man the be all and end all….deception….The church is under attack by the ideology that makes it mandatory for parents to give their children basic education but against encouraging same children to go church.etc

Dearest Mother,we need your intercession now more than ever..As you carried Christ for nine months in your womb...grant every young woman the grace to understand that being a woman is first a privilege that was not granted to a being a man is also a privilege that was not granted to a woman...Who we are today  is not our right,but who God our creator wants us to be . Mother Mary,grant every woman the grace to know that if one is privileged to be a woman she must be happy,rejoice and know that she is not deprived of anything...And that if a woman is privileged to Marry and become pregnant ….she must Celebrate her joyful,be happy for pregnancy should be the  joy of every’s not sickness..Grant men the grace to live a disciplined life,to respect women and never to see women as objects of sexual satisfaction but to see women as wonderful creature of God.

Star of the are full of grace ...grant any young woman who happens to mistakenly become pregnant out of wedlock the grace to know that abortion is not health care but murder is a killing that makes one no less than a murderer will not make you less a mother but it makes it’s subject, a murderer …..the mother of an aborted kid...

Dear mother, as  you interceded on behalf of the couple in a wedding at Cana,Please I implore you  mother intercede for every human family today…..As you nurtured Christ ,nurture the present day disciples and ministers of your Son’s gospel..Mold them according to the mind of your Son..You are full of grace...give them the grace to thirst for righteousness ,the grace to live a holy life,the grace to live according to the will of God,the grace to lead by example,the grace to realize that as disciples ,we are called to serve and not to be served.,the grace to preach Christ gospel and not some human thinking,the grace to speak out the truth,live the truth and defend the truth.

Our lady of Pepertua help give you children  the grace to serve as midwives to midwife the renewal and recreation of the face of the earth according to the mind of God...

So scary the world of today is,Mother we are living in a Horribly and horrifying age ….so horrible enough that those who make effort to live according to the mind of your Son are accused of being judgmental,homophobic or labeled haters...Yes every Christian do Sin daily and we have all fallen short of God’s glory...Nobody has the right to judge the other....But every Christian is bound in conscience to call sin by its name notwithstanding that he or she is also struggling in one way or another…

Yes that I sin differently do not make me better than the other but as I make effort to live a righteous life by condemning my own wicked ways,am also obligated to encourage others to condemn and leave their own wicked ways.

Dear mother,we need you so much this time ..We need your counsel,just like you gave it to the disciples at the wedding at Cana….”whatever he tells you do it”...We need to hear this word again for your Son’s house is on the brink of collapse…

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Comment by Charibel R Hilario on November 7, 2019 at 7:39am


Comment by Charibel R Hilario on October 18, 2019 at 8:33am

Thank you for this beautiful and timely prayer, but it seems to miss the continuation . . . or am I wrong?

God bless.

Comment by Alley on September 19, 2019 at 12:00am

Speak Mother, your children are listening!

Help us to be brave enough to do what needs to be done.

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