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The UK Land of the Reformation Saints.

It seems that UK subjects of Her Majesty's Government are finally beginning to understand that we do not live in a free country. "Tony Robinson" has been arrested and sentenced to 13 months in jail for reporting on Muslim gang rapes in Manchester - the government has put a media blackout on reporting it; our one trad SSPX school has been told that it is illegal to tolerate Catholic values and I think euthanasia has finally been outed as a tolerable and humane necessity of the National Health…


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Life International Conference on Sunday 13th May

My family and I went to the Life International Conference on Sunday 13th May 2018  and it was really inspiring. It was based on Humane Vitae which was a Paul VI/Ottiavani Encyclical.

The Interpretation of Humanea Vitae throught the lense of Amoris Laetitia was soundly ridiculed by Fr Clovis.

My teenage sons were bowled over by Michael Matt's (The Remnant) talk. Fr. Linus Clovis was incredible and the three activists on the front line of abortion centres all offered unique…


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Simultaneous Pilgrimages in Reparation for the Reformation

There have been talks of starting a sort of "Companions of the Reformation Martyrs" group for several months, here in the UK, we have not officially got our "act together," as such but between us we have made a mini pilgrimages to some of our favourite Martyrs. On November 15th both Abbot Richard Whiting in Glastonbury and Hugh Faringdon of Reading Abbey were visited and prayed at by St Michael's parishioners and St Saviour's parishioners simultaneously. Several of us visited their places of…


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Thanks for my birthday greetings

Dear Listmates,
Thanks so much for your birthday greetings.
Lots of love
Kate xxx

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A Post for any Mums

A Post for any Mums,


I only home ed one A Level subject but nevertheless we seem to have got something right! Tom's first year of A Level results came through this morning and he got an A - so pleased that wading through the syllabus…


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5 remedies against sadness

I repost this because a friend I know said that it helped her when I sent it last yearand St Thomas Aquinas is popping his head up in my life quite regularly at the moment.…


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Ufton Court - An Elizabethan Manor House used to hide Recusant priests during the persecution.

Tomorrow we visit Ufton Court - An Elizabethan Manor House used to hide Recusant  priests during the reformation in the UK. Please pray that we have a grace filled and safe trip.  Many thanks.

The Litany to the Forty English and Welsh Martyrs 

To Obtain a Wide and Generous Availability of the Immemorial Roman Mass

For Private Use Only

Lord have mercy on us. 

Christ have mercy…


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I liked this prayer

In my desire for the mundane and temporal, I forfeited the good things of eternity. Set aright my thinking, O loving Lord, and save my wretched soul from sin.
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

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First Saturdays - Stairway to Heaven

I keep loosing this poster for First Saturdays file every time I have to reprint. I hope you don't mind me  posting it here:



for an internet link a similar poster here:…


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From Fr Kimball




For what we are and for our vocations. In the case of the famous Bishop Ketteler,

to a simple nun, the lowest and poorest lay sister in the convent.

The year was 1869 and a German diocesan bishop was sitting together with his guest,

Bishop Ketteler from Mainz. In the course of their conversation, the diocesan bishop came

to the topic of his guest’s extremely blessed apostolate. Yet,…


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Communism Sermon

Fr Kimball sent this for our eddification - Ido hope it may benefit your family too.



Kate Jackson

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Thanks for my birthday wishes

Thanks for my birthday wishes everyone !

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Lord grant us access to the Mass and the strength to face martyrdom if necessary.

29-31st was the UK Canterbury Pilgrimage. My dear husband and I made base camp and foraged for food in local supermarkets. Our 2 teenagers completed the 65 miles. Please pray that they allow God to use their strengths for His greater glory.

As a consolation prize for not being able to do the actual pilgrimage we visited St Dunstan's Church in Canterbury where King Henry II did his public penance in reparation for the crime against St Thomas a Becket. If I understood correctly inside this…


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Yesterday, I went on a reconnaissance pilgrimage with a couple of friends to try and find the medieval Pilgrim’s Trail from Winchester to Bishop’s Waltham in Hampshire – UK. It would naturally lead onto Southampton, across to France and eventually to Santiago de Compostella. I offered (...and continue to ofer!!) the aches and pains of the 6 hour walk for the intentions of the people in this group.

S.t Peter and St. Paul, St. Augustine and St. Monica please prostrate yourselves…


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Just an idea.....Share Prayer

It seems that if you share prayer and fasting with a friend it becomes easier. I have a "senior brain" which means that I forget things quickly. If  I make a promise to say a novena with my pal I text her she gets her reminder and I know I have done the prayer for that day... I have posted Crusader novenas on other groups that I belong to the St John Bosco one worked really well and is still bearing fruit now. 

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TLM Warriors!

Many of us make sacrifices in order to attend the TLM, but I thought that you might be edified to hear this....

My youngest boy asked of he could go to Mass 12 pm on Saturday but we could not attend or bring them back ourselves. The result of our suggestion was that three boys - one friend and his brother - were dropped off and walked 12 miles back. They prayed the rosary to help them through the tough bits.

I have to admit I was impressed we greeted them at 5:30pm with…


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Rome 2016

Dear Fellow Crusaders,

I have a list of prayer intentions longer than your arm but over the years when there is a special event or occasion, I write them down and trot off to my nearest saint on a mini pilgrimage and have a word! This year my gorgeous, and most precious hubby offered to take me somewhere lovely to celebrate 20 years of marriage. We went to Rome and took two of our sons, many friend's intentions, including The Crusaders, plus all the lists of answered prayers. Your…


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Exam Novena for Tom

Daily Novena


V:   In the name of the Father…     R: Amen

(Prayer of The Day)

V      Saint Thomas Aquinas,

R      Patron of Catholic universities, schools and students, I thank God for the gifts of light and Knowledge He hath bestowed on thee, which thou used to build up the Church in love. I thank God, too for the wealth and richness of…


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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter - I had some wonderful news about 2 young ladies about to test their vocations and  a good friend of ours is to be received into the church - The generosity of these youngsters lifts your spirits!

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