St. Camillus Prayer Group for the Sick


St. Camillus Prayer Group for the Sick

This group will pray for all our sick family and friends, as well as for their caregivers.  Please send us their names and we will add them to the list.

May St. Camillus intercede for our sick ones as well as for us all.

O Glorious St. Camillus, special patron of the sick poor, thou who for forty years, with truly heroic charity, did devote thyself to the relief of their temporal and spiritual necessities, be pleased to assist them now even more generously since thou art blessed in Heaven and they have been committed by Holy Church to thy powerful protection.  Obtain for them from Almighty God the healing of all their maladies, or at least the spirit of Christian patience and resignation that may sanctify and comfort them in the hour of their passing to eternity.  At the same time, obtain for us the precious grace of living and dying after thine example in the practice of Divine Love.   +Amen


Our Father....Hail Mary....Glory Be


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  Leigh R., Thomas T., Katie, Fr. Scott, Patrick, Ben A., Laura, Bekki, Alan A., Heather B., Pammi, Traci W., Nancy A., Betty, Baby Aiden, John C., Beverly E., Julie J., Jackie G., John G., Judy B., Chris M.,  Savannah, Priscilla K.,  Diane G., Mary D., Mike K., RT, David L., Sarah C., Becky N., Chelsea A., Cathy D., Jude E., Lynette K., Glynna D., Gabriel G.,  Adam (very urgent), Claudia T., Christopher Simon (very urgent), Bob & Edna Richards, Mother of William English, , Zusia, Sean, Fr. Josef Persie, Donna K., the residents of W.D.C.V., Mitch, Patricia, Daniel M.,Robyn Clare, Mr. Andrew Mbah, Liz Delima, Francis, Anthony, Henry D., Adam, Ben K., Mr. Mickle (very ill), Michala(open heart surgery x2), Judy O., Rodney Walker (severe injuries; in a coma), Ronald Kephart, Joseph Payne, Alex T.,  Mrs Bochkoltz, Adela (cancer), Terry Walters (cancer), Cathy Fray (cancer), Deb Vedder (heart attack), Mrs. Lecomber, Joe & Joan Cleary, Sylvia Cleary, Mary Charlene, Stephanie & Madeleine Walters, Charlie Farrow,Mrs. Johnson, Meghan Czerwinski, Sarah, Lydia, Thomas S., Jack H. (congestive heart failure), Rene (heart disease), Ted (Parkinson's), Carmen, Cindy Blum, Rob Pace (urgent), Todd S., Gunner C., Kevin J., Susy L., Juan L. Isaac L., Fr. Gerald, Br. Philippe Lecat, Dominic R., Ellie, Hannah, Mollie Kane, Simone (heart surgery), Angela, Adrian, Luke Jackson, Helen, Kate J., Elizabeth Marie, Carmen, Jarlen Philomena, Tom, Aidan, Chinonso (heart surgery - 7yrs old), Fr. Tumulty, Joan, Sandy, Mary, our John-Mary (typhoid), Ruben Perez, Mr. Ramirez (mild stroke), Carlos Ponce (knee surgery), Traci Wilson, Mrs. Navarra, our Rose's Dad, George, (urgent) and Uncle Nick, Mrs. Edwards,  Francisca Fuentes (dementia), Juanita Villanueva (high blood pressure), the residents of the Cheviot Nursing Home and Freda Gunton Lodge, Tom C. (kidney surgery), Jim Bentz (cardiac), Rosa Taucri (cancer), Fr. Joseph Terra, Deb, Margaret, Rachel Friesen, Marian,  Michael Balon (cancer), Chris Gargiulo, (cancer / conversion - urgent), Mr. Mally, Garrett, Elizabeth (leukemia),  Judy H. (MS -30+yrs & cancer), Herbert, Lynn L. (heart problems), Sheril Luke, Adrian Dean (epilepsy), Rob Coker (severe heart trouble), Stella, Dawna (brain injury). Mr. Warwick, Debbie Hardgrave (dying of cancer), Marcella W. (bleeding on the brain), Augostino De Valle, Magdelane, Robert & Mary W., Ann Moore (cancer), Elisabeth (leukemia), +HE Tissier, Fr. Markus Heggenberger, Fr. Trevor Burfitt, G. Brady, Judy (severe back pain), Hunter W. (cancer), Maureen Sinclair, Billy Osiochain (stroke), Rev. Fr. Hawker (heart attack), Austin, Linda Sedillos (anxiety), Stephanie Maez (cancer), Candy Padilla, Adam Maez, Ben Platania, Sylvia Cyr (MS), Michaela Benedicta, Dora (stroke), Pammie J., Mike J., Robert McBride, Ellen C., Julia Lown, Cora Ball, Geraldine Johnston, Thomas Brennan, Hannah M., our Crusader Stacy, Shirley R., Ken T. (mental illness), Katharine OCDS, Vonz, Nadora, Jared, Fr. Macdonald, Raymond, Dominic, Emma Nanao (stroke), Cameron (appendicitis), Catherine, Baby Lucas (defective heart valve), Thomas (head injuries), Richard O'Connor, Emma (HLH), Kathy A., Jean K., Stephanie (hospice), Steve A, Ernest C., Ken L. (pulmonary embolism) Paddy S. (head injury), Linda (shingles), Molly A., Robyn A., baby Alice and her Mum, Susanetta & Christopher (vitreal tear in eyes), Barbra B. (stage 4 cancer), Emily, Natalie, our Crusader Judy M., Pat (non-Hodgkins lymphoma) Maxine, Mrs. G., Mary Ellen's brother Michael, Richard Bruce, Paul, Steven, Christopher, David, Daniel and Catherine, Summah (9-yr-old -- leukemia),Leslie (sister of Alley), Cailan Shrontz, Jane Sequeira, Ofelia (kidney stones)our Enrico's Dad Alfio, Jani, Shirley, Leanor T, , Christian Dunn (baby with muscle problems) Anne, Ben (blood clots in leg), Rosialia, Steve B. (terminal esophageal cancer), Lonny (renal failure), Paul Alderete (stroke / blood clot), Harper Hand (baby), Mariene Orham (stroke), Tania L. (cervical cancer), Diane Wilson (stroke), Ronan Palin (newborn), our Crusader Carol Wilberding, Joy N. (cancer), Adrienne's brother Bob (conversion/slowly dying), Fr. Picot (tuberculosis)David, Katelyn, Emily, Natalie, Henryk, Christine, Andrew, Elizabeth, Zbigniew, DM's sister Laura, DM's sister's MIL (dying - needs the sacraments, Barbara Gibbons (renal failure), Gary Muller (cancer), Marie Muller (stroke), Herr Noessler (stroke / coma) Fr. Christopher Hunter, Ashley Trujillo, our Crusader Tsitsi (blood pressure), Kyle Anderson, our Crusader Kate's husband Michael and her brother, Philomena Meyerhoffer, Ferdinand Jeindl (cancer), daughter Barbara Jeindl, "Annie" & her unborn baby (brain problems), Mr. Keating, Matthew K. (Mental Illness), Nestor's friend Bernie (heart), Matthew (Mental Illness), Fr. Voight, Geraldine Cz., Vanessa Shown, Jacob Payton, our Crusader Jeanette Crow (bad fall),Hank (non-Hodgen lymphoma), Naomi W., Wenceslao Talladen - our Flavia's brother (ulcer, high blood pressure & diabetes)4-mo-old baby Therese Regina (heart failure - open heart surgery), Mary Jo B. (cancer in both lungs & spine), T.K., Betty H., Joan B. (back & spine), Flavia's friend D (high blood pressure & dizziness), the Brady family, esp. Trisha,Mrs. Sype, Crusader Mary Ellen Carr, Heather (meth addiction), April J., our Carol's daughter Catherine (stenosis / pinched nerve), Jenny, Joe K.(MS),Susan W, Charlie G and Laura C, Tim Smerdon, Brian H., John, Tony, Barb, Margo, Chrissy M, Joseph I, Bill Mushock, Carol Pellock, Sr. Francis, Heather,Bruce Navratil, Dennis (stroke - ICU), Thomas Brennan, Edward Brennan, Fr. Frank (heart / COPD), Cody Denny,Johnathan Lambert, Andy Younggren, Nelia (acute diabetes), Erin L. & unborn child, Vera (inoperable cancer), Virginia P., Sara G.(Brain Tumor), Lecil Townsend (heart), J'Aime S., Hallie,Lucas H., Chantel, DeeDee W., Johnny McCoy, Stephen W. (herniated disc)


Christine C., Matthew G., Melissa G., Rose C., Alley, Mary Ellen, Dr. G., Olidia, Anna, Deb V., Donna, Maryann, the nurses of Children's Nursing Specialties, Maria Elisa Teixeira, Dawn Marie, Stephanie V., Michael V., Laura G., Rosalva Villanueva, our Sunny-Gem and her sister Lucy, Sharon, Deanna, Rose, Rachel, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Lacketies, Helen, Gregory, Jana and the young man she takes care of, Gregory J. Boethius, Dr. Sell, Mary Balon, Ladonna (special intentions), Carla, John Mushock, Seth A., Molly A., Dani G, Julie Younggren, Annie W (student nurse),Dr. M. Lisner, Shirley, Marty, Dr. B,(Nurse) Linda



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Comment by Gloria on September 18, 2013 at 10:22am

O Glorious St. Camillus, pray for all those on our list.

Comment by Alley on September 17, 2013 at 11:18pm

Keeping Ron in my prayers Shawn :) with love!

Comment by AnnaMaria on September 17, 2013 at 6:56pm


Comment by Michael on September 17, 2013 at 1:02pm

St. Camillus pray for those on our list.

Comment by Gloria on September 17, 2013 at 9:53am

O Glorious St. Camillus, pray for all those on our list.

Comment by Michael on September 16, 2013 at 7:09pm

St. Camillus pray for those on our list.

Comment by Alley on September 16, 2013 at 6:59pm

With love!

Comment by Alley on September 16, 2013 at 6:56pm

With love!

Comment by AnnaMaria on September 16, 2013 at 6:53pm

Saint Camillus pray for us

Comment by Gloria on September 16, 2013 at 5:31pm

O Glorious St. Camillus, pray for all those on our list.


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