This group has been formed in order to implore from the Great Saint Paul his intercession for the conversion of souls.

For the grace of a true and holy conversion through the intercession of our holy patron Saint Paul the Apostle.

Please feel free to add whomever you wish to be prayed for by leaving a message in the comment section below or by contacting via pm Gloria the group admin by clicking the icon below.

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Prayer to St. Paul

O glorious Saint Paul, who, from being a persecutor of the Christian name, didst become its most zealous Apostle, and who, to carry the knowledge of Jesus, our divine Savior, to the uttermost parts of the earth, didst joyfully suffer prison, scourgings, stonings, shipwreck and all manner of persecutions, and who didst finish thy course by shedding the last drop of thy blood: obtain for us the grace to accept, as favors bestowed by the mercy of God, the infirmities, sufferings and misfortunes of this life, that we may not grow slack in our service of God by reason of these vicissitudes of our exile, but that we may rather show ourselves ever more devoted. Amen.

Pray for us, Saint Paul the Apostle,
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:

O God, who hast taught the multitude of the Gentiles by the preaching of blessed Paul the Apostle: grant unto us, we beseech Thee, that we who keep his memory sacred, may feel the might of his intercession before Thee. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Indulgence of 500 days)


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Rosary,extra decade & Spiritual Communion

Comment by Gloria 3 hours ago

Pray for us, Saint Paul the Apostle! Obtain for us through your intercession the conversion of these poor souls that are on this list.

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Saint Paul through your intercession obtain the conversion of these souls.

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Amen.  Rosary for all intentions. 

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Pray for us, Saint Paul the Apostle! Obtain for us through your intercession the conversion of these poor souls that are on this list.

Comment by Michael yesterday

Saint Paul through your intercession obtain the conversion of these souls.


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