Prayer of Saint Gertrude to Release Many Souls From Purgatory

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the Universal Church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.

St. Gertrude's life was the mystic life of the Cloister – a Benedictine nun. She meditated on the Passion of Christ, which many times brought a flood of tears to her eyes. She did many penances and Our Lord appeared to her many times. She had a tender love for the Blessed Virgin and was very devoted to the suffering souls in Purgatory. She died in 1334. Her feast day is November 16th.


Out of the depths I have cried to Thee, O Lord: * Lord, hear my voice.
Let Thy ears be attentive * to the voice of my supplication. If Thou, O Lord, wilt mark iniquities: * Lord, who shall stand it?
For with Thee there is merciful forgiveness: * and by reason of thy law, I have waited for Thee, O Lord. My soul hath relied on His word, * my soul hath hoped in the Lord.
From the morning watch even until night, * let Israel hope in the Lord. Because with the Lord there is mercy: and with him plentiful redemption.
And he shall redeem Israel * from all his iniquities.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son, * and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, * world without end. Amen.

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Names of the faithful departed

Eternal rest grant unto all the souls on this list , O Lord let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen

Names of the faithful departed

who will be remembered in prayer

Please leave the name of your loved one(s) who you would like added to this list in the comment section below and the group administrator will take care of putting them on the prayer list.


Faithful Departed

Richard H.Illies,Thomas Theisen,Linda Carol & Fred Hatten, Herbert & Florence Theisen, James Theisen, Henry & Anna Illies,David Niedzielski, Jane Eckberg, Sylvia Smidt, Marvin & Mary Peterson, Elaine Olson,Joseph and Adelina Pacileo, Pauline Fortuna, Cynthia, Celine and Ronald Reinert Lee B. Ketchum, Joseph Stang, Mary Mercincavage, Richard, Joseph, Dalila, Theodore, Bent, Leo j., Kelly and Genevieve Kelly, Joe Joint, Mr. Fattore, Mr. G. ,Joseph Gross, Joseph E Wilson , Geraldine P. Wilson, Betty W. Muller, Harriett Kacsir, Manuel R. Pascual, Edward, Alene, William & Marilyn Hester, Michael & Constance Harvilchuck, James, George & Joseph Harvilchuck, William & Louise Eaton, Henry, Jane & Della W., Elizabeth & Charles Taylor, Pauline Evarts, Michael & Helen Huber, Joseph & Thomas Huber, Br. Conrad, OFM Cap., James Kitsock, James Flaherty, Heather and Kelly Sigler, Jean-Baptiste Després SSPX seminarian 2/11/09 Raymond Guérin SSPX seminarian 2/11/09 Michaël Sabak SSPX seminarian 2/11/09, Sophie Alderete ,Mary Jean Waco ,Patrick Schindler Anna Melen. Beth Gerads William A. Redding Robert Daniels Milton and Anne Klish Apolinar Arancon Sr. Joseph & Ciaran McGarrigle ,Joe McGarrigle ,Charlie McGarrigle ,Eugene McGarrigle ,Hannah Ward ,Dan Ward Annie Doherty Johnnie Doherty James Hunter, Jamie Hunter, John Diver, Dora Diver, Jeannette Creurer Bird, Dmytro Junko, Dmytro, Anna and Maria Jaremtschuk, Anna & John Iwankiw, Alma Campbell, William Dady,  Dominc Joseph Nardecchia, Bill McKee, Charles and Pauline McDonald, Flo O'hara, Blas Alderete, Yvonne Brazill, Ken Sullivan Francis Orozco, Annie Rohrbacher, Pat Pomposello, Carol Pella, Maria Zobniw, Joseph and June Macek, Peter and Kathryn Charnetsky, Mrs Peter Quinn, Dr. Ralph Waters, Dennis McCoy, Mary Bussanich, Draga Kozina, Peter Quinn, Rose Mudrik, John Paul Galvin, Robert P. Casey, Zachary Sobiech, Isabel Lucero, Helen Maez, Horacio Maez, Brendan Hagarty, Betty Baca, Viola Chavez, Antonio and Ignacita Maez, Bersabe Sanchez, Felix Sanchez, Miss Cécile de Cruyenaere, Helen Williamson, Dominique Dibiacco, Miguel Moreno, Mr. Johnson, James  Woods, Sal Montesano Sr., Robbie B., Betty and John Baca, Donald Chavez, Deirdre Manifold, Anton Tarabokija, Mr. Bill Smith, Jean Purcell, Don Purcell, Regis Burns, Mr Clint Sr., Mrs. Clint (Mother of Tim Clint), Uncle P (Clare's Uncle) Anton Hroncich, Anthony Picinic, Tony Bussanich, Robbie Bonastia, Elena Bussanich, Maria Busanic,, Bob Hroncich, Jazmin C, Mr. George L. Whitney, Mr. Gonzalez, Ada Howard, Philomena Crescenzo, Paul Michael Gravenese, Dawn Martin, Dolores Refino, Jay Refino, Michael Gravenese Jr, Francis Gravenese,Mary Gravenese, Al & Anne Crescenzo, Cindy De rosa , Lisa (Susan K's sister) Sally Cleary , Greg Chavez, Frances Wauck, Robert Paulson, Paul Gonzales, Francis Anastasia & Mary Anastasia, Bryan Stordahl, Klym Petryszyn, Chris Thompson, Paul Anderson, Gene Hammer, Mario Bagnoni. Italo Capabianca, Bill Brabender,Nikki Horwath, Walter Drewnyky, Catherine Nienaber, Johnna Roca, Francis Szczepkowski, Anthony Smetona, Wally Moore,Mary Peterson. Constant Porte, Pacita Porte, Renee and Gina Foca, Cheryl-Flick Kraus, Jeff Kraus,Dorothy Brennan Burke, Mrs. Nancy Capozzi, Susan Scott, Dmytro Kecman,Ralph Vennari, Penny Lord, Jason Pike, Louise Eicholz, Marion Dunham, Carlos Rodriguez, Donald and Louise Eicholz, Anna Melnyk, Marie-Martine le Roy, Allyson Klein, Mrs. Ann Burns, Marie Thomas, Ethan DeMedina, Kevin McHenka, Phillip Marbach, Barbra (friend of Bernadette) (Mother of Adrienne)Irene Sobkiewicz, Alfred Szatkowski, Barb McFarland, Jan Scott, All deceased priests and faithful from Ushaw College, from the Mill Hill Fathers and missions, Norah Boughton, Wilf Jenner, Vera Jenner, Mr. Kafel and all deceased members of our extended family, Mr. and Mrs. Nickson Snr and their extended family, Ronnie,  Luca, Myriam, Marietta, Fiona's parents, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Potter, Nicholas and Diane, Mr and Mrs Tipping, all those who have died recently, whom we have heard about in the news, all those who died through disasters, disease and war throughout history, and for those who have no-one to pray for them., Beverly W. and  Betty A, Joseph Proczyk, Leno D., All deceased relatives of Fred and Adrienne S., Mother Charbel's mother and all those buried at the St. Saviour's SSPX Retreat House,Mother AnneMarie Simoulin the foundress of the Dominicans in Fanjeaux (Traditional Order),Ernest D. Quintana, Brian W., Rose Dang, Peter & Maria Salkiw, Vincent Alcazar,Francis MCKervey,Mrs. McKee, Mr. Marcellino De Valle, Michael DeFillippo,Teresa Fatigate, Maria & John Duda, Michael & Olga Czebiniak, Dave Walker, Anna Junko,  Sheila,Edward Byrne, Stefania Jurkiw,Frank Flerchinger,  Ralph DeMario, Dan,Gina Bizzaro, Arthur Dimock, Michael & Pauline Sanyshyn, Jean Petrone,Juanita Settle, Demelza Springer Gibson, Florida Adams, Bob Adams, Leila Adams, Bud Doser, Lynn Doser, Arlynn Seipp, Kevin Seipp, Michael Brezinki,Dan Jannuzzi, Alice Williams, Roman Klaczany,Anthony Black, James and Florence Weisbach,James Sayers, Jim Ouellette, Veronica McKervey,Veronica,Richard King,Susan Navarra, Damian.Mrs. Guy Fellay,Jozef & Rosalia,Alexander, Stan & Maria, Stan Muller, Tom & Joyce, Richard, Adam,  Denis,Jesusimo Sr.,Ritchie Dean Burtson, Robert Lee Charboneau, Leander & Louise Charboneau,Gerald Charles Rasinski Sr,Michael Fishwick, Solange Hertz,Francis Szczepkowski,Joanie&Auther Rosback,John&Shirley Maloney, Red&Laurel Maloney, Arthur& Emma Rosback,Michael&Ann Maloney,Mark Costello,Pasqule Puglise, Diedre Porkorney, Daniel Porkorney, Linda Porkorney, Dick Bedrine, Robert Zanrucha,Mrs. Nancy Capozzi,Ephifanio Rodrigues,MaryRodrigues,Olive Sequeira,Julius Sequeira,Ferdinando Pereira,Maurilio Lobo,Basil Pereira,Leonard Pereira,Rosie Pereira,Ludovico Pereira,Rosavertina Pereira,Guilerme Pereira,Joyce Martins,Rick Frabotta, Janet Meade, Cordie Riddle, Richard O. Cook, Richard Cook, Charles Cook, Willard Tubbs, Frances Tubbs, Sonia Cook, Jean Crescenzo,Marjorie Doll,Holly,Dr. Anthony Moses,Leopold Kaftal, Mary Natalie Kaftal, Rudy Mocibob, Mary Mocibob, Leopold Kaftal (Sr.), Paula Kaftal, Diann Osteen, Aunt Anne idaho, Boise.Peter Dean,Nana Simmons,Grandad Jack,Nana Dean,Grandad Dean,Gwynedd Saint,Mr Trueman,Fr Boyle,Mr Warwick,Amelia of Fatima,Garcia Moreno,Heather's Mum and Dad,Nadia's Mum and Dad,Carol's Dad, Michael Coyne, Aunt Irene,Uncle Gordon.All the deceased that we have ever known, Joseph Bell, Sr.,all those who are forgotten in Purgatory, Deputy John Kotfila,Penny Thompson, Catherine Stratton, Mother Angelica,Corinne Callahan,Marie Beres, Andrew Beres,Paula,Mrs. Angie  Montesano,Peter Dean , Marcellus Sobkiewicz,William and Ella Cargill, Michael and Rose Deveney, Charles and Winifred Cargill, John and Joan Deveney, James and Cecilia Deveney, Robert and Rose Connell, Joseph and Mary Scanlon, James and Lorraine Amato, Thomas and Margaret Fay, Buddy and Louise Mailloux, William and Catherine Cargill, Dick and Mary Eckhoff, Mitch Fadden, Cody Smuk, Robert T. B., Gina Roeissano, Luis, Linda J.Marcus Shankle, Gwen Owens, Linda Z.Roseanne Sylvia Maria Richard,Aurea and Marcelino Talladen, Cesar Talladen, Laura,  Alejandro and Lorenza Pascua, Gregorio and Quidoma Talladen, Cirilo, Severo Talladen and wife, Teodora and Jose Sabado, Dalen, Potenciano, Severa, Johanna, Heinz, Paula, Juan, Fernando, Macario, Robert, Luciano, Marlo, Villamor Senior and Junior, Magdalena V. and husband, Romy, Elna, Magdalena M. and husband, Felipa and husband, Monika, Mrs. Encarnacion, Mr. Esteban, Hilde, Sallymar, Evelyn, Judith, Mrs. Salomon, teachers, mentors, relatives, friends and acquiantances who have passed away; as well as Msgr. Cortez, Msgr. Acas, the priest who baptized me, the bishop who confirmed me, my wedding priest and all priests who passed away in whose Masses I attended.,Patrick Seeber,Maryann Healy, Patrick Rhodes, Collen Doyle,Paul Ferrante,Laura Ferrante , Sr.Mary Canice, Donald Giacomini, Palma Gravanese, Steve F.,Antonio Cangianni,Shirley H.,Lucy Torres, Rosanna Jirges,Jim Feltz,Sal Saliemo, William Peter Blatty,John Pacileo,Bob & SallyR.,Julieann Coshingano,Howard K.,Annammal S.,Peter S.,Mrs.Fern Brower, James Stordahl,John Vennari,Marlo Gacoscos, Francis Czapla,Laurel Skala,Emma Doughty  Nanao , Mary Doughty Ralulu, Frank Shaw,Joseph Simonetta,John Schaefer, Kathleen Schaefer,Keith Jackson, Andrew Smith, William Simmons,Susan Dean,Adela Cruz,Vincent Pangrosso, Hank,Houston P.D Officer Perez,Nedora Counts, Martin D. Kadylak, Theodora Zaharchuk,Jose Sabado, Jr.,Fernando Florido, Alvaro Almeida de Britto (husband), Clotilde Maria Almeida de Britto (mother-in-law), Lucia Almeida de Britto (sister-in-law), Maria dos Anjos Martins Cid Lopes Ferreira (mother), Vera Coimbra, Leide Britto, Vera Maria Almeida de Britto, Rodolfo Britto Van der Kamp, Rafael, Antonio Cid Lopes (grandfather), Guilhermina Martins Cid Lopes (grandmother), Joao Ferreira da Natividade (grandfather), Blandina Florido Ferreira (grandmother), Constantino, Helena,Theresa Stegmeier,Barbara Hufford,Gina Marie Finozzi,Gary Hoffman, Augustine De Valle,Jillian Therese Alderete,Maxine Mckinley, Ernest Reigel, Rose D.,Peter Dean,Jack and Thelma Simmons,Raidean,Mark and Maria Coyne,James and Rachel Dean,Michael Coyne,Anne Dean,Gwyn Sain,Mr Truman,Kate Jackson family superiors benefactors and friends,Frank Palka, Esther Palka, Walter Palka, Javen M., Cody P., TAB, Mary Jean Davey, Martita Dougherty, Marco Solis,Paula Fischer , Betty Helestab, David Niedzielski,Philip Mayfield, RIP - Co Cork, Ireland,Michele Colabatisto,Carmel Gallegos,John E Rees,Ethelee Morgan,Shiela,Joseph Ross,Ruth Rigers , For all deceased whose children forget to pray Masses.Larry LaBuz , Steve McCreary,Andy Anderson,Anthony Bourdain,Ernest Boss ,Bourdaine.vEe , Larry Kabuz, Ruth Rogers,Karen Ulrich, Sarah and Mary beth Yeager,Julia Bochenek Petz,Sarah P,Ruth Sarah Tom A,Doug Frye,Alison, Oliver Trujillio,Allyson Figas, Jane Forbes,Doug Larry La, Emil Howarth, Mr. Barletta, Wilma Nouruck,Helen Bohenek,Dot Pindar,Greg B,Gary C, Katreana H.,K  Shulik, Andy Anderson Sr.,Brian Perri ,Andy Anderson Bohenek family Ruth,Howarth family L. LaBuz,Steve McCreary,tom Anderson, Anen A. Frye,Larry LaBuz,Ave Maria help,Jean Bohenek,Greg BohenekmA. Anderson, Richard Glava,Sweet F Strassner,Matilde Ramos,Bev Fazio,Judy Zukowski,John Bill Gerry Heck,Kathleen Shulik,Alice Merenda,Brian Bittner,V. Heisler,Annie,Eilern George,Doug, Ulrich family and Tarid family, Dauerbach, Rus Herman, Mrs Hayde., 9/11 victims,Mr &Mrs C. Manning, Michael Abes, Anen Mre Snyder, Andy Anderson,Pauline Snyder,  Jihn Moran, Sara Pellegrino,Doug Frye,Carol Beishline ,Jesse Geller and friends,Burgess gamily
Jessee Keith,Yvinne B.,Allistair Pugh, Robin Morris, Nilda,Mary Jeanne Guillot Arnette, Edwin L McCann Sr, Edwin L McCann Jr, Joan Billiot Acosta, James Arnette Sr & Jr, John Bellini, Anthony Cutrera Jr, Baby McCann, those in the Abita Springs Cemetary.Dieter,Alistair Pugh, John Kane ,John (St Saviours),Phil Pemberton,Sally, Virginia Pascua, Frankie Palka,Marvin Messer,Kurt Grießbach,Al Clement ,Rick,Ollie,  Sylvester R., James M., Mr.Paul Beck,Leslie Mattatics,Jeanie Carnarvon,The Fenimore/Finamore family, the Marino family and the Reardon family,Karlo Andaya,Agnes Pascua,Henry Sestak,Bill's Mother,Rodolphe Ratte,E. Stokes,Kathy Paredes, François-Xavier Carbonne, Denis O'Leary, Michael Hinkle, Maryann Healy, Laurene Roseno, Aunt Diane,Aunt Dolly, Patrick Pomposello,Bob Sakowski,Nicolas Velasquez, Mr and Mrs. Manuel Roberto Pascual, Robert Star Sr., Robert Star Jr.,Ruth Hester ,Steven Snyder,Carmel Gallegos, Kobe Bryant, Gianna Brynat, Gloria R., Milagros, Esteban Salviejo and Mrs. Resurreccion ,Nena Tenchavez,Nancy Capozzi,Elaine Tencza,Lynn Schindler,Sr. Gabrielle Marie,Rosalia Ferrer,Michael Schindler, Michelle Willims,Lita Ponce,Herman Taylor,Richard T.,Dorthy Matlock, Norma Gacoscos,Joseph Morrow,J.D. Hagmann,Angie Griesbeck, George & Jane Griesbeck, Roy Henderson, Grandma and Grandpa Quick, Tump and Beatrice Dearing, Joe and Charles Dearing, Michael Hughes, and June Martin, Tom's  Dad Sevigny, Francisco Valois, Officer David Dorn,Ezekiel D.,Irene Johanna Kowalska,Gloria Dardis and  Lucile Zac, Fortunata Lipa,Cyd Gaceta Cunanan, Mrs. Landry,Virginia, Maryann, & Elmo, Dustin Burmeister, John and Kathy Schaefer, Brother Joseph,Rudyard Gabor ,K.C., Regis Phillbin,Nhan Sanh Ban,Vera DeStefano, Joseph Cobain, Maria Editha Abaya,Martha Nowak,Franz-Egon Wirtz,Alex L., John Mark & Peter Niño,Ignacio Abellada,Estefania Pascua ,C. S. ,Luiz Antonio Fragelli,


In paradisuum deducant te Angeli;
in tuo adventu suscipiant te martyres,
et perducant te in civitatem sanctam Ierusalem.
Chorus angelorum te suscipiat,
et cum Lazaro quondam paupere
æternam habeas requiem.

English translation

May the angels lead you into paradise,
may the martyrs receive you
in your coming,
and may they guide you
into the holy city, Jerusalem.
May the chorus of angels receive you
and with Lazarus once poor
may you have eternal rest.

Faithful Departed Priests

Archbishop Lefebvre, Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer, Fr. Roland Gierak , Father Julius Kubyini, Father Timothy Hopkins, Fr. Michael Crowdy, Fr. Bernard Enright, Fr. Ronald Silk, Fr. Oswald Baker, Fr. Marks, Father Jerome Dowling, Fr. Gordon Bancks, Fr. Arthur Coulson, Fr. Hans Milch, Fr. Gregor Hesse, Fr. Basil Wrighton, Fr. Clifford Beecroft, Fr. Anthony Chadwick, Fr. Hugh Thwaites, Fr. Alfred Gilbet, Fr. Eldred Leslie, Fr. John Flanagan, Fr. H. Rope, Mgr. Francois Ducaud-Bourget, Fr. Stephen Rigby, Fr. Michael Cresswell, Fr. Joly, Fr. Hector Bolduc, Father Luigi Villa, Fr Paul Egli, Father Joseph Marx, Fr. Ihor Stets, Fr. Ivan Sidun, Father Denis Marchal, Father Stephen Abdoo, Fr. Eugene Heidt, Fr. Harry Marchosk, Dom Ange Ferreira da Costa, Prieur de Notre-dame de Bellaigue, Father Didier Bonneterre SSPX, Father Joachim Schweitzer, Father Dominique Lagneau, SSPX, Fr. Gregory Hesse, Father Robert Cozzini, Fr. George Sandor, OFM, Fr. Roger Sullivan, Fr. Pablo Straub, Fr. Thomas Dubay, Father Will Comellas,Fr. Peter Flanagan, Msgr. Ray Hebert,+Msgr. John Squiller Fr. Clarence Galli , Fr. John Hardin, SJ , Fr. Charles Ronan, SJ, Monsignor Robert Hagarty, Monsignor Stephen Hrynuck, Fr. Pedro Ottenello, Fr. Kozina, Fr. Francis Van Der Lught, Bp. Louis Vezilis,Fr. Kenneth Walker, Fr.Valentine Gattari, Fr. Malachi MartinFr. Alfred Kunz, Fr. Charles Fiore, Fr. Timothy Hopkins, Fr. Bertin Roll OFM Cap., Fr, Nicholas Gruner, Fr. Louis Golvan,Fr. Charles Baillif, Fr. Stephen Somerville,Fr. Francis LeBlanc,Father Edgardo Suelo, Fr Boyle,Bishop Lazo, Fr. Peter Carota, Fr. Gabriele Amorth,Fr. James F. Bump,Bp Guerard des Lauriers, Bro. Gerard Nichols (SSPX), Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Fr Wilfredo Comellas, OP,Fr. Cooper,Bishop Welsh, Bishop Robert C. Morlino,Father Denis Marie,FR. MUSTAK, Fr. Clement,Father Albert Drexel, Msgr. Terrance Nolan,+Msgr. John Squiller,Pope Pius Xll, Pope John XXlll, Pope Paul Vl,Pope John Paul l,Fr. Donald Fussner,Father Anthony Cekada,Father Solanus Casey,Brother Andre,Pope John Paul ll ,Father Joe Dagsi ,


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Comment by Flavia Talladen Schott 1 hour ago

Amen. De Profundis. Daily Rosary, etc., 

Eternal rest grant unto the faithful departed O Lord, and let perpetual light Shine upon them. May they rest in Peace.


Comment by Alley 3 hours ago

Rosary in union with the Precious Blood with love +++

Comment by Michael 6 hours ago

Saint Gertrude's prayer, De Profundis, and Eternal Rest prayers.

Comment by Gloria 21 hours ago

Eternal rest grant unto all the souls on this list , O Lord let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. United in the Precious Blood of Jesus. †Amen†

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Comment by Michael yesterday

Saint Gertrude's prayer, De Profundis, and Eternal Rest prayers.

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Comment by Alley yesterday

Rosary in union with the Precious Blood, with love +++

Comment by Flavia Talladen Schott yesterday

Please include Father Joe Dagsi in the list of deceased priests. Thank you and God bless you.

Comment by Flavia Talladen Schott yesterday

Amen. De Profundis. Daily Rosary, etc., 

Eternal rest grant unto the faithful departed O Lord, and let perpetual light Shine upon them. May they rest in Peace.



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