You are cordially invited to start a novena or St Monica Rosaries for the return of Luke Jackson tot he one true faith

You are cordially invited to start a novena of St Monica Rosaries for the return of Luke Jackson to the one, true, faith.

A Novena of rosaries for our Children

St. Monica’s Rosary Everyone is invited to recite the 15 decades of the rosary starting on Tuesday. The intention of the rosaries is for the youth of the parish and the return of erring siblings to the one true faith.

The following prayer is recited before the rosary is said. Parents’ Prayer for Their Children O Good God, we thank You, that you have given us children, made them heirs of heaven through Holy Baptism, and entrusted their training to us. Fill us with a sense of our responsibility; assist us in the care of their health, but especially in the preservation of their innocence and purity of heart. Grant that we may teach them early to know and serve You, and to love You with their whole heart. May You in Your generosity see fit to grant to at least one of our children, the grace of vocation in religion. Grant that we ourselves may carefully avoid all that we must forbid them, and may faithfully practice all that we must teach them. Help us to further at home, by our example, the work of our priests, religious, and lay teachers at Church, at school, and at home. Give us the spirit of sacrifice to study with our children. Never allow us to grow soft nor to make life too easy for our sons and daughters. Help us to teach them the eternal value of self-discipline. We commend them, O God, to your eternal care, to the motherly protection of the Virgin Mary, and to the guardianship of Your holy angels. Bless our efforts, O Heavenly Father, and let our children advance in wisdom and age and grace before you and men. Amen

Yours in Christ

Kate Jackson

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St. Monica, pray for our children. Amen.

St Monica, St John Houghton, pray for us. Amen

St Monica, St David Lewis (27th August), St John Kemble (22nd August), St Philip Evans (23rd July) pray for us.  Amen

St. Bartholomew (24 Aug), St. Louis IX  (25 Aug), St. Monica, pray for us. Amen. 

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