Take me back to those days when the Gospel message was undiluted and unadulterated.

Take me back to those days when family pray together.When love of neighbor and togetherness was the order of the day.

Take me back to those days,when what’s affects Christians in one nation moves another nation to act .

Take me to those days when rich Christians share what they have with the poor...take me to the ‘ Anthiochian’ days.

Take me back to those days when the fear of God rather than the fear of men is the beginning of wisdom...Take me back to those days when a young man or woman begins his life by making God a priority...those days men and women acknowledge the care,kindness and love of God.

Take me back to those days when materialism is seen as vanity..Take me to those days when men and women thirst for righteousness instead of ephemeral things of the world 

Take Me back to those days when Sex Out of Wedlock was seen as a taboo and not now when Sex is an Appreciation gift.

Take me back to those days when dignified men and women are proud of their gender and not to this age of fake life..

Take me back to those days when women appreciate their co-creative work  with God.

Take me back to those days when married  women who become pregnant used to be proud of womanhood and proudly parade their pregnancy with joy and happiness..those those when women were proud of being mothers instead of murderers,abortionist etc.

I can vividly recall those days when pregnancy Outside Marriage was a shame to Families and  no longer now when even some mothers encourage their kids to tie a man with pregnant….it has become  now a way of life.

Is there Anybody who knows  the Road to those Days? When descent dressing was the identity of  responsible,morally sound,reasonable and virtuous men and women ,not now when there is no difference between a Lunatic, a Mechanic and a Sane man or woman .

Where are those days when the beauty of a Woman was seen in proper dressing first, not now when an Average woman want to appear naked.

Where are those days when men looking  wife to marry go to the homes of their intending in-laws and not now women do advert with their bodies over the social media

Where are those days when men used to be civil,respectful,have sense of dignity.

Where are those days when men respect women and not see them as object of sexual gratification.

Please Can we find those days, when Divorce was a derogatory Language among Christians, not today when broken Marriages are now Celebrated.Those days when what is broken used to be mended instead of being thrown a way.Those days broken plates are fixed instead of being thrown into the trash

i wish i Can go back to those days when true love was build on Sacrifice and trust not now when love is hanging on beauty , Sexual Capability and Money.

Where are those days when Men of God we're afraid of God and live by their  word not now when they teach a different thing and live a different life style of their Choice.Those days when they are truly men of God and not God of men.

Please wake Me up from this Slumber.Will Those days come back to reality...

How quickly we have forgotten those days a Member of a Church falls into temptation, the Church will Cry and pray for his/her Restoration, not today when a Member will Commit a sin and he or she will rather be promoted to a higher position in the Church as long as he/she has Money.

How quickly have we forgotten those days,the whole church pray for the weak ones into of preying on them.Those days members of the church prays for a fallen colleague instead of gossiping.Those days Christians were brothers keeper instead of this day of betrayal,calumny,hatred,greed,jealous and pride.

Where are those days when Men and women persevere in prayer instead of the quick fix of  get Results today at all cost even if it amounts to losing their souls to the devil,

I can remember those days when parents encourage their Children to Marry responsible,reasonable and morally sound  Christians, not today when parents want their daughter to marry Money bags even if they are Ritualists.

Oh come lord ...Maranatha ...If Christ returns today...will he find faith on earth...Oh Mother Mary...Pray for your children ....

I can remember those days when priests were nothing but embodiments of every thing good,holy and moral.Come lord Jesus….the darkness seem to be thickening up..the cloud of confusion seem to reign supreme...the smoke of satan diffusing unabated ….Come Jesus Come ..

Fr.Alexander U Okere

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