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Update: Please find attached a sheet to keep track of your Spiritual Communions below.


Dear All,

While we are not sure of course, it may be possible that this will be our last chance to make a strong, unified prayerful year long effort for the consecration of Russia.  We say this because 2017 will mark 100 years since Fatima.  Some have argued that the 100 year mark (following the King of France) may not be until 2029 and this may be true, but with the uncertainty we would like to make this upcoming year one in which we give all we have for this intention.

We will be starting a 13 month long prayer event for the consecration beginning on November 13th 2015 and concluding on December 13th 2016.

This prayer event will include all rosaries offered from every group in the Perpetual Rosary Groups who are praying for the consecration of Russia.  It will also include and family rosaries or individual rosaries you offer for this intention and submit to be placed in this Spiritual Bouquet.  It will also include the offerings of Spiritual Communions that you wish to submit and any Masses that you have offered for this intention.

We are lining up priests who have made themselves available to any souls who would like to have the Fathers say a Mass for this intention. Please be patient they are slow in getting their info back as their schedules are very heavy.  Bp. Williamson will be offering Masses throughout the 13 months but has asked that his name not be included in the list because of his Mass schedule.

  • The Fathers information can be found HERE
  • You can submit your rosaries, Masses, Spiritual Communions to Michael HERE or to DM HERE
  • If you would like you can now also submit these offerings HERE by leaving a comment.  Please submit them wherever you feel most comfortable.  Any of these ways is fine.
  • If you have a Perpetual Rosary decade you do not have to send in any tallies for these.  We will keep track for everyone as we did in 2014 since we have them recorded here in the groups already.
  • If you do not have a decade and would like one or know someone who would like one please just let Michael or DM know and we will be sure to get you a decade and group.

Thank you to all.  And God willing we will not have to do this again...may our prayers be answered!  Please ask your friends and family to join this effort.  They do not need to be a Crusader to do so.The event listed ends Nov.12 2016, this is a glitch in the system, it ends December 13th 2016.

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Faithful who have signed up to join the event as non Crusaders:

Dom Thomas Aquinas

Father Andre

Benedictine Monks of the Holy Cross Seminary

Inez Romero

Robert Hartfoil

Roma Nugent

Carlos Jacobus

Santa Joseph Nicholas

Marivi LLagan

Mary Wellman

Mrs. DM may I join please. 

From Molly

Hi Molly :)

Yes please do!  So happy you will be joining us.

Just go  HERE and mark will attend.

God bless you!

United in the Immaculata


Molly Michaela Alderete said:

Mrs. DM may I join please. 

From Molly

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