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Many years ago, an elderly lady and I were talking while outdoors on a beautiful July day.  She was from Ukraine, and had seen many horrors during WW2.  But she kept her faith throughout it all.  She has since passed away and may God grant rest to her soul.

Anyway, that day she said to me, "My dear, look at all this beautiful world.  Look at blue sky, the green trees, the beautiful flowers, the birds.  All from God.  My dear, those people who don't believe in God and say this all happened by itself - those people are sitting on their brains."


I love that...."sitting on their brains".     :)

I remember one year about 13 or 14 years ago Theresa and I were doing our Legion of Mary work walking through the neighborhoods going door to door and talking to people about the Mass and Catholicism etc.  Living here in Erie we are accustomed to more or less always being cold so when it does get hot it feels unbearable.  Anyway it was a summer day and very hot and about an hour or so into our work it got to the point that we felt like we were going to pass out from the heat.  However despite that neither of us was willing to stop.  Just as we turn the corner to go to the next house things started getting fuzzy and I started getting lightheaded to the point that I was about to faint.  No joke...just at that moment this very, very cold wind came out of no where and cooled both of us off so much so that we finished our next several hours without a problem.  Theresa who was not one to believe something like that would have been the hand of God was unable to say it was anything else but God.  That brief moment of cold wind should not have been able to cool us down for as long as it did and besides that, where else could it have come from on such a blistering hot day.  God is in all His creation and His breath is in the wind :)

Very beautiful! Thank you Cathleen and Dawn Marie for sharing your experiences.

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