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Yep! That about sums it up.

LOL I have that in cat form only she attacks people inside the house! 

I understand as a spiritual cleanse I have given up meat, bread, and sugar I AM NOW A BASKET CASE!!!

Because this automatically includes chocolate, coffee, and bagels which were my life's staples!  

Don't remind me -- Lent is just around the corner, and sometimes I tend to bite off, if not more than I can chew, at least ALMOST more than I can chew. The year I gave up meat, sugar and alcohol was pretty darn difficult. I remember drinking a 7-Up in a very lively bar on St. Patrick's Day. Didn't even have green dye in it. 

I understand David, it is not even Lent yet!   I am doing this because I am asking Our Blessed Mother

for a Very Special Grace, and a particular favor.

                                                       God hears all prayers but He will answer Sacrifice!

I never thought I'd go off-topic in a humor thread (!), but I recently read somewhere that the Church Fathers used to call fasting "the wings of prayer."

I never thought of that "the wings of prayer."  :)

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