Mindanao Mission Relief
The recent disaster that hit the Philippines last December 16th‐17th struck two cities in which live fervent but poor Traditional Catholics. Fortunately, Priests of the Society of St. Pius X are now much closer to the stricken areas than they were a year ago since the Society opened a house in the city of Davao in Southern Mindanao in August of 2011. While Davao is 7 – 8 hour bus ride South of Cagayan, Fr. Alexander Hora is in the area to assess the situation while Fr. Joseph
Pfeiffer is in and around the region since his Mass circuit runs between Cebu, two Islands North of Cagayan and Bohol, the Island immediately North.
This hard hit region of Northern Mindanao is still reeling from unusual torrential rains caused by the Tropical Storm which struck Cagayan de Oro Friday night around 11 PM and which raged until they quickly subsided around 3 AM Saturday morning. In some areas the water didn’t subside until 5 PM. The raging torrents coursing along drainage canals pierced buildings, even breaking through some concrete walls, overturned vehicles and dumped plenty of garbage
everywhere. The worst tragedy was the deaths resulting from being caught unawares in sleep, and to the elderly who could not move quickly enough or agilely enough on their own and who were not able to be reached to be evacuated.

Sadly and tragically, the father of one of our Legionaries in Cebu died during the flooding. May he rest in peace. Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer is currently in between the Island of Cebu and Bohol where he is busy with many souls in various difficulties.

Less serious damage was caused to the houses by the water which quickly rose to ceiling height forcing quick evacuation with no time to grab valuables and even less opportunity to move any heavier items out of reach of the damaging water. Water to clean up the mess and drinking water is difficult to come by, and this water shortage is one of the more serious concerns. Among our faithful, 3 families have lost their homes. Besides the many funerals, which place a heavy weight upon whole neighbourhoods, the disruption of life due to the housing problem and to the restoration of less damaged homes makes gainful work a great
The Society’s work in Cagayan de Oro consists in Mass said on the roof‐top of an
apartment building which has been fitted with a partial roof and Sanctuary Sacristy arrangement with a “nave”, (that is, the rest of the roof part of which is exposed to the sky above) into which about 130 people can be crammed. Mass Sundays witness the assistance of over 100 people, of whom around 30 were severely afflicted by the recent flood. Another hard hit city was Iligan, where we have a number of Faithful, none of whom have reported serious damage.

Our objective with this letter is to create a fund from which we can allocate resources to our families the hardest hit in order to enable them to get in the position from which they can rebuild. In one case, Raul, the President of one very active Legion of Mary Praesidium, had to evacuate his house towards the Mountains that make the Southern border of Cagayan. His household consists of an extended family of 10, comprised of several in laws and their families.
At the same time, we hope to be able to help their neighbours, some of whom like our dear Legionary Jing from Cebu, have suffered deaths in their families. In this respect, Raul who needs help himself, is in turn one of our greatest on site assistants since, as an experienced apostle of the Legion of Mary, he will be invaluable in helping us to assess which people in his area really need help and who are not getting the help they need through any other means and for whom
our help can represent a real spiritual benefit. Likewise, Joann, who is President of our Junior Legion of Mary, and who also lost her house, will be of inestimable assistance in helping us help others. Let us realize that in helping these generous souls we will best be able to apply realistic and efficacious aid to those who are in real need. Too often, international assistance gets inefficiently used due to the lack of sufficient real contact by trustworthy people on site.

Meanwhile, we know that the Christmas season puts a heavy strain upon all, but whatever you can do will go a very long way. The US dollar is worth 42 Philippine Pesos, which will purchase one very simple meal.

How you can help in the USA (for outside, please contact Fr Couture: district@sspxasia.com )

Mail a check to District Accountant, SSPX DISTRICT OFFICE, 11485 N. Farley Rd.,Platte
City, MO 64079 USA. Payable to: SSPX Foreign Mission Trust – Asia . Please write
nothing in the MEMO LINE, but on a separate sheet, a note that it is for “MINDANAO RELIEF

Bank to bank transfer: please ask for details.
Those of you who have family in the Philippines, may find it more convenient to transfer funds to family members there and to request them to send a check to us in Davao, where we will deposit the check in our Philippine bank account for cash. If they use BPI Bank, they may also simply deposit the check into our account: BPI Account # 1330‐0030‐29. Our mailing address is: Society of St. Pius X, #9 Buhangin‐Cabantian Rd, Davao City, 8000.

Thank you so much for thinking of us and for helping our fellow Filipino Catholics
May God bless you and your families during this Holy Christmas season. Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year to you all!
In Our Lord,
Fr. J. Timothy Pfeiffer.

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Thank you so much for posting this Ma'am Dawn Marie! 

See  HERE for the link and images


May the motherly blessing of the Blessed Virgin Mary come to  those who were severely affected by the typhoon. 

And may the souls of  those who were killed by this calamity especially the many young children rest in peace.

Here is my AMEN to the prayers offered by Renel and Catherine Marie.

The people of the Philippines suffer so many trials and tribulations.  They are remembered in my rosary but esp. now in this new devastation. 

Lord have mercy and comfort Your children.

And may the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace


Glad to hear of an efficient way of getting help to the people who really need it. 

So sorry that this had to happen so close to Christmas.  :-(

Prayers for you, Renel, for all of your family and friends and for your countrymen.

May God come to their assistance.  Dear Mother Mary, comfort and help thy suffering children.

"May the Lord grant comfort to the peoples of South-East Asia, particularly Thailand and the Philippines, who are still enduring grave hardships as a result of the recent floods."-His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI Urbi et Orbi Message for Christmas 2011


Thank you my fellow Crusaders for your sympathy and prayers.

Death toll from Philippine floods tops one thousand

Residents of two southern Philippine cities battered by a storm that left over 1,000people dead today started the hard work of reclaiming their lives and livelihoods. Authorities also began the task of burying dozens of bodies in concrete vaults.

The head of the national disaster agency, said 1,002 people were killed and dozens more remained unaccounted for on Mindanao island following the disaster.

“It’s a really serious situation and we are looking to be engaged here for at least a number of months”, says Trevor Clark, Chief of Operations for UNICEF in Mindanao.

Speaking to Lydia O’Kane about their main priorities to help those in need especially women and children, Mr Clark explains that water sanitation and hygiene are at the top of the agenda for them.

“Within a day we mobilized a water purification unit to flown down here from Manila.”

The President of the Philippines Benigno Aquino has called the disaster a “national calamity”. Listen RealAudioMP3


A cry for help of Father Couture, District Superior of the SSPX in Asia


A cry for help of Father Couture, District Superior of the SSPX in Asia: 
many of the faithful were hit hard by the typhoon WASHI

More than 1,000 missing in the Philippines after Typhoon Washi


In the press

The Philippine government said Friday that more than 1,000 people were missing since Typhoon Washi, revising sharply upward its previous estimate referred only a few dozen missing.

The typhoon, which caused flash floods last week swept the island of Mindanao in the south of the archipelago. The authorities have also identified 1,080 dead.

Most of the victims lived in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan , two cities most affected where hundreds of thousands of inhabitants seeking refuge in schools, gyms or military buildings.



The call of Father Daniel Couture, District Superior of Asia

The Philippines, "  Hora Father of the Society of St Pius X went to the scene of the disaster yesterday, December 19, 2011, to bring food, water and other necessities to our many faithful who have been affected WASHI hard by the typhoon.

Among the faithful, nine families have suffered greatly: 3 have lost their homes, the father of a faithful died during the typhoon.  They need food, clothes, bedding, medicine .

Our Apostles of Mary (MCJF Philippines) General Santos and Marbel are quests in their cities for the victims. We even placed an ad in a local newspaper to help us in our efforts to find funding. We hope these simple means at our disposal to be able to send help to these families severely affected. "

Help them quickly, please. It's Christmas, they are our brothers in faith, "  domésticos fidei  , "the traditionalists, the faithful of the Society of St. Pius X. 

And in their name, a big thank you and the assurance of their prayers and ours.  

Fr Daniel Couture



Where to send donations?

Donations can be sent to Dr. Dicks , chairman of the 'ACIM , which issued tax receipts to:

Dr Jean-Pierre Dick , 
Chairman PMAC 
2, road Equilhen 
62360 Mont St Etienne 


For more information on the District of Asia

St. Pius X Priory - Father Daniel Couture
 Society of St Pius X 
District of Asia 
St Pius X Priory 
286 Upper Thomson Rd 
Singapore 574402

Dear God, have mercy on the Filipino people who have lost so much.  :'(

Renel do you know how things are going with this relief effort?

Sir Allan,

Below is the link for the updates of the medical mission done by the SSPX here.

Relief Goods Distribution and Medical Mission


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