Asking for prayers for Dawn Marie’s husband who is in the hospital with the flu, his lungs are filling up with fluid and he has congestive heart failure Thank you.

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Believe it's Alan.

Many prayers, many acts of love +++

Excuse me please I only saw this thread just this moment.  I posted the update in the prayer request thread but I am copying it and pasting it here now too.

My love and thanks and prayers for all of you. 

Love DM


Wanted to update on my husband. They checked all his heart valves finally today which they were unable to do before because his kidneys had shut down. He had a heart attack and fluid in the lungs brought on by what we believe was a strong, very strong viral infection of the lungs. If it was corona virus we will never know because he was not tested but whatever it was it was severe. Last week all his vitals plummeted and it was literally a toss up, 50/50 whether he would make it and the night Father Hewko arrived to bring him the Last Rites it really wasn't looking good. But so many praying and sacrificing and the moment Father gave him the Last Rites everything turned around. He was in I.C.U. for 5 days and has been in a regular room now for four I think. They said too that whatever it was weakened his heart as well. All that being said they were astounded at how fast his kidneys turned around and he started to recover. There is NO WAY he would have been healed like this were it not for everyone's prayers and sacrifices. The merciful Heart of Our Heavenly Mother interceded and she lovingly took care of her little son. I express to you all my love and thanks. Besides all of that he had a different nurse everyday, every 12 hours and every single one was as compassionate, caring and loving as if they were tending to their own personal loved one. I've never seen anything like it in my life. It was a Catholic hospital so that had to be a part of the compassion but still it was genuine and incredible. So all that being said they will let him come home tomorrow. Thank you, every single one.

We finally arrived home about 3pm yesterday.  God be praised and Mary our Holy Mother for their mercy and kindness <3

I just wanted to add this extra incredible act of God's mercy; when this all started I was extremely ill myself, fever, chills, throwing up, respiratory etc.  The day Alan really got bad (in the hospital) I was nearly unable to even get up for lack of strength and was thinking, he is going to die and I can't get up to help him.  When Father Hewko arrived and gave him the Last Rites it was late at night so he had to stay overnight.  In the morning I asked if he could bless me with the holy oil Bishop Williamson blessed for all of us some time back (oil for sickness).  He did and instantly my sickness left me and I was able to tend to my husband 15 to 18 hours a day suffering nothing more than being regularly tired.  THAT was mind blowing to me and another miracle.  Thank You Jesus and Mary and for all of your prayers which brought this about.

How wonderful Jesus and Mary are! So very happy for you and Alan...prayers in thanksgiving being said.

Wonderful indeed! Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ forever!

My prayers for Dawn and her husband.

Praying with love love love :)

Incredible!!!! ....happy Feast of the Assumption Alyssa and Alan, xxx

Happy and blessed Feast of the Anunciation!

Stay safe everyone. Our Lady keep you and your families.

My soul doth magnify the Lord, ...

Praying for Dawn and her husband.

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