Pope’s Change to Catechism is Not Just a Prudential Judgment, but a Rejection of Dogma~by CFN

By Peter Kwasniewski, LifeSiteNews

In the avalanche of reactions to Pope Francis’s audacious move to modify the Catechism so that it says the opposite of what the Church and every published catechism had ever taught before, there is one line of argument that has surfaced a great deal: “Pope Francis is not making a doctrinal statement about the illegitimacy always and everywhere of the death penalty but merely a prudential judgment about the inopportuneness of its use at this time in history.”

In a recent article, Dr Alan Fimister correctly points out that even if this reading were plausible, the Pope has overstepped his jurisdiction by offering an opinion about a contingent matter of political judgment, which is the proper realm of the laity and not of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, as per the teaching of the Magisterium (e.g., Leo XIII in Immortale Dei).


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I am sick to death of the constant harping by these conciLIAR heretics, and Jorge in particular, about the paramount importance of human dignity and the complete lack of even lip service to the dignity of God Almighty. Abp. Lefebvre nailed it when he said the Vat II religion was the religion of man.

This "Archbishop" whose name escapes me at the moment, but whom Pope Benedict fired from the Pontifical Life Academy, and who was subsequently put in a prominent position by Francis, is saying per Francis, that anyone who follows the magisterium of the Church, anyone who follows that which has been handed down for 2,000 years and who is not following him (Francis) is not Traditional, not Catholic...WHAT?!!!   The madness of the minds of those who have lost the faith is mind boggling.

I finally found the article:

Where's my barf bag?

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