Our Times Part I, II, III, and IV - Our Lady's View of Our Times - Father Ripperger

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If memory serves me right he is independent now...I think.

Joseph Wilson said:

I know he says the Latin Mass only but he is still within the conciliar structure and is loyal to Francis.

Kate is quite right:

Fr. Chad Ripperger on the status of the SSPX

Kate Jackson said:

...according to the other group I belong to - " This production may contain useful information.... Fr. Ripperger began as an Fraternity of St. Peter priest. He left them and became a diocesan priest in Omaha. Then, he, along with one other priest, founded an Order called the Dolorians which is presently located in Denver. As late as 2016, he was publicly warning people not to attend any sacraments offered by the priests of the SSPX. ..."

I have to admit I have listened to Fr R and bought books he has had published on mental health etc - true he does not hold the same stance on the crisis in the Church - he still believes that you could work inside the corrupt structures of the conciliar church - so do some of the Friars Immaculate!!!

David Kaftal said:

Ah, I believe Father Ripperger belongs to the FSSP and says the TLM. Let me look that up.... no, he left the FSSP and founded the Doloran Fathers, also known as the Society of the Sorrowful Mother. They were located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but got kicked out when the the local ordinary retired and was replaced by a non Trad-friendly bishop. He offers the TLM exclusively, and the traditional form of all the sacraments. The Doloran Fathers are all Traditional Catholic exorcists.

Joseph Wilson said:

Part one is very good, it is a little surprising coming from a conciliar priest.

Father Ripperger offers a lot of good information in his conferences and his videos.  These were very good, and yet, I was often wondering if he was using crib notes from conferences given in the past by Bishop Williamson, as all of his main points seemed to be echoes of what his Excellency has been teaching for years.  I write this not to diminish the work of Father Ripperger, I also have purchased his books.  I think his attitude toward the SSPX and assuredly the SAJM comes down to questions of jurisdiction.  The irony is in listening to his talks, as well as, talks of other traditional priests, they espouse the very recognize and resist position of the Archbishop Lefebvre, while at the same time condemning it.  Archbishop Lefebvre had immense courage and spoke plainly that Rome had left the Church and needed to reconvert.  Archbishop Lefebvre understood that the Church herself would supply jurisdiction in this time of apostasy.  I do at times find it ironic that clergy like Cardinal Burke and Father Ripperger will say that Francis is the Pope, Francis is out of line, and we have to resist, but the SSPX and SAJM are in schism.  If it comes down to the recognition by some light in the loafers bishop, who may be questionable himself, then I will defer to the long standing position of Cardinal Castrillon,      

And again, on November of the same year in Italian TV Canal 5:

We are not dealing with a case of heresy. One cannot say in correct and exact terms that there is a schism. There is, in the act of ordaining bishops without papal approval, a schismatic attitude. They are within the confines of the Church. The problem is just that there is a lack of a full, a more perfect—and as it was said during the meeting with Bishop Fellay—a more full communion, because communion exists. Card. Castrillon: SSPX Never in Schism  

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