Nine Hail Mary's on the Eve of the Nativity : From The Visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

I saw the Blessed Virgin on the Eve of Her Nativity, She said to me,: Who ever says this evening (7th Sept) 9 times the Hail Mary lovingly and devoutly to honor the 9 months I spent in my Mother’s womb, as also my birth and continues the same devotion for 9 consecutive days, daily gives to the angels 9 flowers for a bouquet. this bouquet they bear to Heaven and offer to the Most Holy Trinity, to obtain some favour for the one that prays. I was transported to a high place between heaven and earth. I saw the earth below me grey and sombre, and above me heaven, where among the choirs of Angels and the orders of the Blessed, was the Blessed Virgin before the Throne of God. I saw prepared for Her, two thrones of honour, two buildings of honour, which finally became churches, yes whole cities and they were formed out of the prayers of the earth. They were built entirely of flowers, leaves, garlands, the various species typical of the different value and characteristics of the prayers of individuals and of whole congregations. Angels and Saints took them from the hands of those that offered them and bore them up to heaven.

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Amen. I receive this invocation.

Thank you!

Late or not, all prayers are heard with joy.  Such a beautiful vision!  Such an honor to be given this opportunity to know that through these Hail Mary's prayed by each of us, Angels will gather nine flowers daily and offer up these Hail Mary's to the Most Holy Trinity on behalf of the Eve of our Lady's Nativity.  

Thank you Dawn Marie.

Margie Tiritilli

Better late than never!  ;D


Thanks! Recommend The Wondrous Childhood of the Most Holy Mother of God by St. John Eudes.

Alley, Ben, and Molly with love +


With love +


With love +

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