Need Prayers of Protection for the President,

As if we don't have enough to pray for, the evil entities of the world are asked to

cast spells tonight, on Pres. Trump.  Here are the links:

This just proves that the "opposition agendas" are evil and they no longer are hiding behind

political correctness and "rights". 

Please pass this info on to other prayer warriors/priests, religious orders you may have contact with.  Does anyone have access to people within the Trump advisors?  He, his family and his

advisors need blessed scapulars, among other things.

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Thanks you, Susan.  Praying for the president and his family.

 I am praying for   Pres. Trump and  his family .

My husband and I offered our rosaries and the long version of the St. Michael prayer for him this morning.  Just keep in mind these bozos also said many black masses and "spells" that Trump would not even be president.  Jesus and Mary know the deal and are on this for sure :)

Infant of Prague nine x nine for President Trump 's safety and his family also.!!!We serve an AWESOME GOD, and be confident.Ask In JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

With J M J , 


St. Michael, watch over President Trump and his family. Amen.

Rosary, Holy Mass, and Holy Communion to crush all evil aimed at President  Trump and  his family that they may always be safe from all harm natural or spiritual.


We have the Rosary! We have swords of Power lol 

Much more Powerful than anything they can conjure up.

Sr. Lucia, that Our Lady said that God has given special 

efficacy to the Rosary for our Times. I figure the Rosary is

so powerful that this false ope francis does not want 

anyone praying it for him! lol 

So I will pray as many devoutly, as possible!

Praying for President Trump, VP Pence and families.

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