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The oil Bishop Williamson blessed and which we sent out all over the world this past summer is now officially responsible for a total cure of an old family friend of ours from Erie who moved down here some years ago.  We found out back in November that she was dying of colon and kidney cancer.  We put a package together for her and after some issues with having the street number inverted and then getting it right she got her package around the second week of December.

She just called to tell us the doctors says the cancer in her colon has completely disappeared.

They said the tumors that were left in her kidney  liver, (sorry I mistakenly put kidney) were so small that they will be burning them out January 8th.

The doctors said this was impossible.

She asked the doctor how long she had and he said "till old age unless you get in an accident". 


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So sad that some people like this person (who is not a Crusader) have to take a joyous event and turn it into something so ugly. 

In any case the lady who has been healed will be coming to Tampa (about 20 minutes away) on January 8th to have the little tumors that are left in her liver burned off so my Mom and I are going to try and be there with her.

For months we have been sadly preparing ourselves to lose her now we will be preparing soon to celebrate with her.  How drastically God changed this situation.  Deo Gratias <3

Hopefully she won't mind if we all take a picture together so you can see her lovely self :)

What a wonderful Christmas miracle!  We thank Thee, Dear Infant Jesus! 

Thank you for sharing that story.  And yes, PLEASE send photos!  :-)

Praise be to God the Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Thank you Bishop Williamson! Is there any more blessed oil available?


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