almost 20 years of battling melanoma, 10 years battling amyloidosis and dialysis, and other assorted ailments, mom has taken a turn for the worse. Hospitalized for a week now, she was supposed to be transferred to a rehab today, but was unable to he moved because of a high fever setting in.  Sometimes the cures are as bad as the diseases. May it be God’s Will that she recover from this. Her first great grandchild is due in November. She’ll be 89 in June.  She received the Sacrament of Extreme Unction this evening by a Holy Priest of the SSPV. 

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Prayers for your Mom.  That must be torture for you also to see her suffer like that.  God bless you both.

I will keep your mum in my daily rosary....and under the protection of Our Blessed Mother and in the Holy wounds of Our Saviour......and may the Lord Bless you all and keep you safe.

Thanks Dawn and Judy. It is heartbreaking. 

Praying for your Mom.  May God bless you and your family.


Praying for your mom+

So after speaking with her doctors and a Priest, we have to decide now whether to continue treatments. My Priest has assured us that there are no moral objections to stopping the cancer treatments or the dialysis. We’ve tried asking mom, but she doesn’t understand. Please pray that whatever we decide is the right decision. 

My prayers are with your mother , Bill.  Gods Will be done concerning your mother with your decision.

Praying for your mother, and for you and your family, Bill. May the Lord give you all strength and guidance, and may the Blessed Virgin comfort you in this very difficult situation.

Praying for your Mom Bill, many Rosaries :)

Ben said he is offering his chest pains for her and prayers. 

God bless you all for your kindness. 

Mom passed away surrounded by her children and loved ones at 8:10 pm last night. She went so peacefully. 

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