So we're bracing for the worst here in S Florida.

Our Bleesed Mother embrace us within Thy Mantle and intercede for us with Thy Son. We ask for Thy protection.


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Prayer Against Storms


Jesus Christ a King of Glory has come in Peace. +

God became man, + and the Word was made flesh. +

Christ was born of a Virgin.+

Christ suffered.+

Christ was crucified.+

Christ died.+

Christ rose from the dead.+

Christ ascended into Heaven. +

Christ conquers. +

Christ reigns. +

Christ orders. +

May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning.+

Christ went through their midst in Peace, +

and the Word was made flesh. +

Christ is with us with Mary. +

Flee you enemy spirits because the Lion of the

Generation of Juda, the Root of David, has won. +

Holy God! + Holy Powerful God! + Holy Immortal God! +

Have mercy on us.


I Hail Thee, I Adore Thee, I Embrace Thee, O adorable Cross of my Savior,

Protect us, Keep us, Save us, Jesus loved You so much by His example I love

You by Thy Holy Image clam my fears I only feel Peace and Confidence. 

15 Decades for all in harms way. Sending my Angels to you and also

to Holy Mass today for your safety.

God Bless you all, with love +++

Prayed this beautiful prayer for you.


We thank Our Blessed Mother for Her intercession. No damage, just a windy storm. Thanks be to God.

Prayers of protection for all on the East Coast, and for their families.


Joseph is not fairing as well.  He just lost power and his house is starting to flood...PLEASE PRAY.

Prayers for Joseph and everybody else impacted by the hurricane.

I just talked to Father Roberts who lives about 10-15 minutes from Joseph.   Father is ok he went to Tallahassee for the storm.  He also said Joseph should be fine since the water coming in wouldn't be from the ocean but maybe just some overflow into the house from the rain.  Haven't heard from Joseph yet.

Prayers for Joseph. N Fl got hit bad. My brother is in w Georgia he says lots of rain and wind, but worse on the coast.

Our Lady, intercede for us.


Joseph is ok...thanks be to God!

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