His Excellency Bp. Williamson to all Crusaders of the Immaculate Heart

Church and world are in a situation of unprecedented distress. This is because mankind has turned its back on God. Mankind without God has lost its way and evil is taking over day by day. minute by minute. Many of us know this.
From eternity Almighty God foresaw this situation. As St Louis Grignon de Montfort predicted in the 18th century the end times were coming in which God would want His Mother to play a special part in saving mankind. Sure enough amongst her many interventions in modern times Fatima stands out. As promised at Fatima Our Lady came back in the 1920's to give through Sr Lucy and through the Catholic Church God's simple solution to man's overwhelming modern problem: the Pope must consecrate Russia with the bishops of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And Our Lady made it clear that on this consecration God makes the solution of the massive problem of Church and world to depend. It follows that if God allowed any other solution to work He would be making his mother a liar. That is out of the question, obviously. That consecration of Russia must take place if the Devil is not to take over completely Church and world. 
The performance of the Consecration depends on Pope and Bishops. Since the 1920s they have refused to perform this Consecration because they have preferred human politics to the Divine solution. Is there anything that the priests and laity can do ?  There are two things. The first is to pray, especially the prayer that Our Lady keeps asking for, almost whenever she intervenes, and that is the Holy Rosary. Fifteen Mysteries a day are for many adults more easy than they think, and they are more than three times more effective than five Mysteries a day.
The second thing that priests and laity can do is fulfill the requests of Our Lady for the performance of Confession, Communion, a five-Mystery Rosary and 15 minutes of meditation on each first Saturday of the month. If only enough Catholics would do what Our Lady asked for, she could obtain from her Son the necessary grace for the Pope and the Bishops to perform the Consecration of Russia.

Until this Consecration is done as God requested through His Mother, the rising tide of evil cannot be stopped. May God bless all souls who will pray, however little but regularly and insistently, for the Consecration of Russia to take place. It will happen, Our Lord said in 1931, but it will be late. By the devotion of Catholic souls may it happen as soon as possible !   

Bishop Williamson

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Could you ask His Excellency what a Catholic is to do when he/she can not fulfill the request of Our Lady for the Five First Saturdays because of the lack of a valid mass in their area on those first Saturdays (no confession, no communion)?  

Excellent question for many of us.  I sent him your reply and am waiting for his answer.

That's exactly what I was wondering yesterday, I would be interested to know too. :-)

Susan said:


Could you ask His Excellency what a Catholic is to do when he/she can not fulfill the request of Our Lady for the Five First Saturdays because of the lack of a valid mass in their area on those first Saturdays (no confession, no communion)?  

This is what he replied:

"If a Catholic wants to make a First Saturday but has no valid mass nor possibility of a proper Confession within striking distance, then certainly they can make a spiritual Communion and put together all the elements of a Confession without priest, and Heaven will make what use it sees fit of the obvious desire to fulfill its special request for reparation to Our Lady."

Which is along the lines of what Adrienne and I had planned last month.

No Confession---so we would make a good examination of conscience followed by a good act of contrition

No Communion----We would make a Spiritual Communion (or several for that day)

The 15 minutes of meditation we can do along with the rosary of course with the intention to make reparation to Our Lady.

All together we were going to spend and hour on the first Saturday doing these things to try and fulfill what Our Lady asked.

If there are more than just Adrienne and I maybe we can do it as a small group.

Please thank Bishop Williamson for his answer.  This is one devotion which has been hard for my family and I to do, and his answer is indeed comforting for me...that Heaven would take my intentions and acts in reparation to Our Lady and make use of it.  This remedy should have been obvious, but one should ask  a priest/bishop to make sure so as to not

become scrupulous.  In these dangerous times, we can not give up even though it seems our prayers and reparations seem not to do any good.  We need to have more Faith...and it is hard.  It can change from day to day or minute to minute or not at all.....depending on one's personal circumstances.

I know you have many groups going on right now for so many intentions.  I would be willing join with you with Adrienne  for fulfilling this specific purpose if you'll have me  :)   

Also, I assuming the same principle could be applied to the First Friday devotion, as well?

I would be thrilled to pieces to have fellow comrades to unite with in order to make the First Saturday of reparation.

I'd like to limit it to this thread though, rather than creating another group.  Maybe we can coordinate a time between us for this coming Saturday.

I work 1pm-10pm est Saturday.

His Excellency's reply:

"The same general principles certainly can apply to First Fridays as well. It is as certain that Heaven does not require us to do what we cannot do as that it appreciates our doing all that we can do."

With my blessing for Susan and her family,              +Richard Williamson.

May God bless and keep +HE Williamson.  His is a strong clear voice in these sorrowful times. 

I would be very interested in forming a group for either First Fridays or First Saturdays.  I agree, Susan, we must keep the faith and carry on no matter the cost.  May God bless His Excellency for his leadership in these times. 

Me too ! :)

I still don't want to create a group yet.  Let's just give it a try as a small group here and see how it goes. 

Does anyone mind starting on June 6th from 11am till noon EST----8am-9am Pacific

So far, it sounds fine.

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