Just watching the "wedding" live ...Bishop Michael is quoting that "...wonnnerful Catholic priest Teillhard de Chardin.....!" 

It's sheer hollywood - we were expecting the credits to go up after the "Stand By Me" song....

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Why were you watching it? Not enough penance in your life?  LOLOL

... apparently she is already married.

So was the founder of the Anglican Religion, so they are just carrying on where he left off.

Kate Jackson said:

... apparently she is already married.

Thanks girls
Henry VIII
Not a good example!

Now, now......   ;)

This whole affair reminded me of the "coronation of Obama" and how throngs of folks came out to see it.  It didn't matter who he had associated with in his past, his past in general, or the demonic things he said during the election, etc.  It was the novelty of it all....(no offense intended).    If I remember that day (8 years ago - 

8 years  of my life I'll never get back),  our yard needed cleaning and so mowing and picking up dog waste was more far entertaining, and necessary!  And, I felt I was actually helping our country...  

Dawn Marie said:

Why were you watching it? Not enough penance in your life?  LOLOL

...dog waste now that DID need doing! 

Ah yes, years, weeks, days, hours, minutes of our lives that we'll never get back. As I approach the end of my, um, earthly sojourn, I become increasingly aware that I only have so many hours of life left. Have no idea exactly how many, but I know it's a limited number that decreases every day. It helps remind me that I really need to make the most of them.

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