For Those Who Have the Cloth Relic of St. Celestine---Some Facts About His Life

Saint Pope Peter Celestine

When the father of this Italian saint died, his good mother brought up her twelve children well, even though they were very poor. "Oh, if I could only have the joy of seeing one of you become a saint!" she would say. Once when she asked, "which one of you is going to become a saint?" little Peter answered with all his heart, "Me, mama! I'll become a saint!" And he did.

When he was twenty, Peter became a hermit and spent his days praying and reading the Holy Bible. If he was not praying or reading, he would copy books or do some hard work so that the devil would not find him doing nothing, and tempt him. Because other hermits kept coming to him and begging him to guide them, he started a new Order - the Celestines.

Peter was an old monk, eighty-four years of age when he was made Pope. It came about in a very unusual way. For two years, there had been no Pope because the Cardinals could not decide whom to choose. Peter sent them a message to decide quickly, for God was not pleased at the long delay. Then and there, they chose the holy old hermit himself! Poor Peter wept when he heard the news, but he sorrowfully accepted and took the name Celestine V.

He was Pope only about five months. Because he was so humble and simple, everyone took advantage of him. He could not say "no" to anyone, and soon matters were in great confusion. At last, Peter decided that he had better give up his position as Pope. He did so and then threw himself at the feet of the Cardinals for not having been capable of governing the Church.

Peter hoped to live in one of his monasteries in peace. But the new Pope - Pope Boniface VIII - thought it would be safer to keep him where wicked people could not take advantage of him. Peter was put in a cell and died 10 months later there, yet he was cheerful and close to God. "You wanted a cell, Peter," he would repeat to himself, "and a cell you have."

He died in 1296.

Papacy from July 5th 1294 to December 13th 1294

Feast Day May 19th

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Many thanks.

Beautiful! Many thanks for sharing.

Saint Pope Peter Celestine, pray for us.


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