I thought that this might be good to know/ be reminded of:


At today's Mass, [Epiphany Mass) there will be a blessing of gold, frankincense, myrrh, Epiphany Water, and, after Communion, a blessing of chalk. Bring small special items of gold to have with you during the Mass, and they will be blessed if they are exposed as you sit in your pew with them (wedding rings, rosaries, an heirloom piece of gold jewelry, for example). 

When Mass is over, you will take some of the blessed chalk, frankincense, myrrh, and Epiphany Water home with you, so it's good to bring a container to transport Holy Water and one to put some grains of incense and a piece of chalk into. (Note: if you can, take and keep 5 pieces of blessed incense for your Paschal Candle this Easter), 

When you get home, sprinkle some Epiphany water (otherwise and afterwards used as regular Holy Water) in the rooms of your house to protect it and bring blessings. This Holy Water recalls the waters of the Jordan, and is a visible reminder of Christ's Divinity, of Jesus's revealing Himself as God at His Baptism, when were heard the words from the Father: "This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased." This rite of blessing the home -- led by a priest, if possible, or the father of the house if no priest is available -- goes like this:

Upon entering the house:


Peace be to this house.


And to all who dwell herein.


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Thank you for this info/reminder, Kate.

This will commence at our Chapel tomorrow as it is the Holy Three Kings' Chapel.

That is such a grace! our chapel didn't do it in the end - they did the chalk and epiphany water...

We always do a house blessing with the chalk every year on the Feast of Epiphany. This year I stumbled across an article on the Una Voce website for the state of Georgia that gave the formula as XX C+M+B XVIII instead of 20 C+M+B 18. Of course, in Roman numerals 2018 would be MMXVIII instead of XX followed by XVIII, which got me wondering if the correct formula, done the way it was done in the early Church, might not actually be MM C+M+B XVIII.

Does anyone happen to know?

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