Finally back online after a week of not having electric or internet due to the hurricane.  Just wanted to say that our town was supposed to be annihilated along with Tampa but the storm took a turn when it hit Naples.

The hurricane hit the town I live in at a category 2 but there was nearly no damage.  The worst of it all was no one had electricity which here can be deadly for some in the heat.

Driving back from Jacksonville, Jacksonville included every place we drove through right up to our town ( about a 185 mile distance) there was enormous damage and flooding.  As we got closer to where we live I was bracing for the worst but believe it or not it didn't even look like anything happened at all.  There were a few trees down here and there but otherwise nothing.  So everything up to our town and everything after our town suffered a lot of damage but not Zephyrhills itself.  I can only attribute this to the Compass of Faith we did 2 years ago when some of us buried the Saint Benedict medals and the Miraculous medals in the further most North, South, East and West of wherever we lived.  We also did it for Zephyrhills.

My neighbor had no explanation for why there was no damage but called it a miracle.  He is not Catholic and doesn't know about the medals.

Thank you all for all your prayers for everyone here.  All of this should have been so much worse for everyone.

Deo Gratias!

Edited to add: I don't want to harp on this but I just wanted to add that I am hearing from everyone I meet how thankful they are to Our Lord for sparing so many of us.  I can't tell you the number of people who are thanking God all over the place for His obvious mercy in this situation.  Even when I had to call T-Mobile today to straighten something out on my bill the operator brought up the hurricane (they are located in Tampa) and he said, "God is good, God is merciful, He spared us from being annihilated".  He is just one of so many saying this.  As I work with the public I hear much of what they say.  It is so refreshing to hear so many thanking God and recognizing it was His mercy.

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