This is not a Covert video of Bp Philip Egan's first meeting with any SSPX priests - definitley not Frs Brucciani

I think we have lost a covertly filmed video of the first meeting between Bp Philip Egan and the two SSPX priests who may not be named. Please enjoy this replacement clip :

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You kill me Katie.  British humor or in your case perhaps an adopted British humor always cracks me up.

Very funny.  But Kate you are more right on this than just parody:

Revisionist history and the desire of acceptance.

This Google translation of the following (source) that...

A new subject has just been invented by the Dominican sisters of Fanjeaux as part of catechism classes: " Course on resistance ". We do not do courses on the rallies (compromisers), but on "the resistance".You thought you had seen everything at the sisters, with history classes aligned with the official courses, French lessons with rotten or immoral authors, progressive catechism classes, a hateful orientation of the girls to universities (we know the disaster for the most part) etc ... so you will have today the right to a course on "resistance".. 

We wait with haste, but without illusions, to discover the content of this new material. It's a safe bet that Sr Simoulin had to be in the game to build such a course. It should not have been easy to classify Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988: were the saints an act of resistance or rallying? Is there a conciliar church? Can we resist François when he offers us poisoned gifts? Did the abbot of La Rocque resist? And the seven Deans?
The Dominicans prepare the girls to become good supporters like Pontcallec. So here we are warned about what is now Fanjeaux. We knew it, but at this point ...
Such teaching, not to mention the galloping worldliness in these schools, will surely help good families make good choices .... and benefactors redirect their donations to more serious schools.
...puts this recent email into perspective..

Dear Staff, dear Parents,


On Friday 8th March, we will be honoured to receive the visit of our diocesan bishop, the Very Reverend Philip Egan, Bishop of Portsmouth.

The visit will take place in the morning. The bishop has expressed his hope that he will be able to pray the rosary together with staff and pupils, something we are more than happy to accommodate. 

In order to show our appreciation of Bishop Egan's interest in our work, I would like to organise a spiritual bouquet for him. Each pupil will be given a copy of the attached, to fill out as best they can. Please assist them in this endeavour. It is a wonderful reminder to them of our duty to pray for priests and pastors beyond our usual surroundings. Please also contribute yourselves. Forms can be returned via the classroom, the office or the grey box in the vestibule.  We will present Bishop Egan with the spiritual bouquet when he comes. 

Rev. Fr. John Brucciani
St. Michael's School

As I have said before, the SSPX now feel more in common with conciliar clerics than with their former confrères, who simply believe what they themselves did only a few years ago. If one doubts this, would Fr Brucciani request a spiritual bouquet for a passing visit by Bishop Williamson? If not, why not? If it is simply about honouring the Bishop's office as opposed to his views then why such a potential contradiction?

I'd read Fr JBII's letter from the school but I thought the Fanjeux Sisters were safe! The Dominican sisters in Tynong have been told to stop teaching for an undetermined amount of time too.  

Here is a cut and paste from Tradidi:

With regards to the SSPX Tynong school & education of the girls, I do know that there has been a disagreement between the Dominican Nuns and the SSPX priests. Simply speaking, the Nuns want full control of everything. Traditional Catholic Nuns educating good Catholic girls? Sounds ideal, but neither the Nuns nor the girls are behaving as one would expect in a Traditional Catholic sense. The whole educational system at Tynong is in total disarray with teachers against teachers; some are against the priests and some against the Nuns. Each with their own agenda, all under Bishop Fellay, and all with the same agenda. The sole object here is definitely not the good of the souls of these children, though all the appearances are there. As long as both the priests and the Nuns are under the influence of the now new SG and the Nuns still directly under Bp. Fellay, there is little hope for a truly Catholic education. Some parents are really trying to have this situation sorted out, but as long as they continue to bury their heads in the sand concerning the dire events within the SSPX and the continuing influence of Bp. Fellay, they are wasting their time. Best to put their efforts into forming among themselves a home schooling group.

Very sad state of affairs.

 Although there has not been any formal agreement between Rome and Menzigen put in writing and signed, there can be no doubt that the SSPX belongs to Rome Lock stock and barrel, the game is up.

La Porte Latine - view through google chrome for translations...

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