Strasbourg, October 24, 2012 — On October 23, 2012 Father Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Center in Canada and Catholic attorney and author Christopher A. Ferrara of the United States appeared at the headquarters of the EU in Strasbourg, France to speak in support of a motion for a declaration by the EU Parliament calling upon Pope Benedict XVI to carry out the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The motion is being sponsored by two members of the Parliament of the European Union, the Honorable Mario Borghezio and the Honorable Lorenzo Fontana, who invited Father Gruner and Mr. Ferrara to speak in its support at the time of its official introduction.

The motion refers to the threat of "great danger at the present time to world peace and the serenity of all European peoples" and notes that "the Blessed Virgin Mary has promised a long period of prosperity and peace, if and only if, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia in a solemn and public manner, as precisely specified by Her in the Message of Fatima."

The motion provides for a declaration by the EU Parliament formally requesting that "His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI... fulfill the will of the Queen of Heaven" by performing the Consecration in order to address European and world problems.

Speaking before the international press corps in the press hall of the EU Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg, Father Gruner and Mr. Ferrara made presentations in support of the measure, including a discussion of the content, undeniable authenticity, and absolute urgency of the Fatima Message for the Church and humanity at large. They were introduced by MEPs Borghezio and Fontana, who appeared with them at the press conference.

"This was a God-given opportunity to advance the cause of Our Lady of Fatima in a forum whose deliberations will have considerable impact at the Vatican. MEPs. Borghezio and Fontana are to be commended for their courageous defense of the Blessed Virgin before a hostile world. I pray the motion passes and the EU Parliament calls upon the Pope to do his duty," said Father Gruner.

"I believe we succeeded in making a case for the Consecration of Russia that would appeal even to rational non-believers, who have nothing to lose by voting in favor this measure," said Mr. Ferrara.

The motion has been lodged with the EU Parliament as an official legislative document and will become part of the public record of EU proceedings. It has already attracted the signatures of a growing number of additional sponsors in the Parliament, including members from Italy, Austria and Ireland.

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I hope that Polish will join.

I'm with Kathleen. Wow!

I'm  thinking  'One world Church'

I don't know who persona-non-grata is but they have a clear sightedness in all this madness that is amazing to say the least.


Posted by P.N.G. at IA

It's outrageous and insulting. The "European institutions" have absolutely no legitimacy, they are masonic and under the control of the jews - the 12 stars on the flag of the EU represent the 12 tribes of Israel, the very parliament building was designed to evoke the famous painting of the Tower of Babel, which hangs in either the parliament, or the Commission or Court building, I'm not exactly sure. The Tower of Babel is the symbol of men uniting together against God, it is a masonic and apostate symbol.

To post a motion before this false parliament with no authority, before this creation of the enemies of God, a forerunner to the One World Government, it is terrible and degrading. What were they thinking?
It would be like asking the UN to plead for the Consecration of Russia... Those are all fictitious institutions - a cover for the forces of the enemies of God.
It is asking the enemies of God to plead with the Pope, who cooperates with them (to say the least), to effectively stop the enemies of God, which is what the Consecration would do.

Again, what were they thinking?




Pleading with the minions of satan to conquer satan, now I've heard it all.

I wonder if there was ever a time of such mass confusion and disorientation as we are seeing now. 

It seems Father has not understood or perhaps forgotten what Our Lady said:

"Only I can help you."


Let us pray for this courageous  and holy priest who has spent his life promoting the Message of Fatima and Our

Lady's Peace plan in this new effort for Our Mother!

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