Catholics take things into their own hands dump idols in the river

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Deo gratias!!

Pope Francis as the Vicar of Christ needs to reflect on what the First Commandment means.  It's also his duty to bring God's human creations into the Catholic Church; not indulge them in their worship of pagan idols.  The Catholic Church in Rome where he allowed the desecration to occur needs to be reconsecrated to rid it of these idols and poster featuring a woman breast-feeding a weasel.  For too long, Pope Francis has shown his preference for Climate Change and Mother Earth rather than saving Souls.  May God redirect him back to the Catholic Faith before he loses his Soul and those in his flock who follow him in this regard.

Francis is now  declared public heretic.

THIS! : Abp. Viganò on the Amazon Synod: "Bishops and cardinals and even the one who more than any other would have had to protect the Bride of Christ from the attacks of the Devil have been responsible for abominable acts of profanation and apostasy."

IN THE SPIRIT of BONIFACE: Pachamama Thrown into the Tiber

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