SUNDAY'S QUESTION:  This question is about Saint Silverius.  One unusual thing about Saint Silverius is that he was just a _________ when he was chosen to be the pope.


LAST SUNDAY'S ANSWER: The last question was a true or false about St. Alexius (Alexis).  It was false.  St. Alexis did live as a poor beggar, but he was not recognized by his parents and all who knew him.





To get this started, here are the initial rules/guidelines for this activity.  A trivia question will be posted 3 times a week.  Each participant will get one point for each correct answer.   The participant with the most points will win that week.  In the event of a tie, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.   We ask that the losers pray 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys for the winner. 

Any clarifications or additional rules will be posted soon  with the first question.   May God bless all who participate and may this thread lead to an increase in knowledge of and devotion to the many wonderful saints of our Catholic Faith.


Please check your pages for the information I post to help you answer the questions. The paragraph(s) with the answer(s) will be bold and/or italic. If you still can't figure it out, or can but need help to understand it, either find me in chat or post a message here in trivia. I want you to know/understand the information about the current saint before going on to the next.


Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

Saint Dominic, pray for us.

Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

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Enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ.



The next question will be posted Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.  So, in case any one else is interested in participating, there is still time.

There will probably be some questions without a cartoon.  If I don't make the information easy enough to understand, please leave a comment on my page, send a message to my inbox, or  find me in chat for help.  God bless you.

Last week's winner was Molly.  Let us all pray one Our Father and three Hail Marys for her.

The last question was about Saint George.  St. George, at one time a soldier in the army of Emperor Diocletian, was also a soldier of Christ. Many pictures of St. George show him fighting a dragon. The dragon represents the enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ. His feast day is April 23.

 The saint this week is Blaise, feast day February 3.  Many people know he was a bishop, but may not know that before then he was a physician (doctor).  Legend has it that sick animals who came to him for help never bothered him while he was praying.

 Governor Agricola of Cappadocia was selected by the emperor to persecute Christians.   St. Blaise was discovered praying in a cave and was arrested.  One of the people he healed while in prison was a child choking  on a fish bone.   That is why, even now, we have the blessing of throats on his feast day.

 He eventually was a martyr because he wouldn't deny our Lord and abandon the Faith.   When they didn't succeed in drowning him in a lake,  he was beaten and beheaded. 

   Here is the question.  St. Blaise was a physician before becoming a bishop.   Both sick people and sick ______ went to him to be healed.



phisical doctor

the sick animals went to him to be healed.


sick animals

The next question will be posted Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. So, in case any one else is interested in participating, there is still time. 

Since next week is a vacation week, we will have 2 questions.  I will post about the next saint and the question, as usual, Saturday or Sunday.  Then, Wendesday, I will post the next one.  Starting Sunday the 30th, we will go back to once a week. If it works well next week, we will continue 2 questions a week during your vacations.

Last week's winner was Dominic.  Let us all pray one Our Father and three Hail Marys for him.

The last question was about St. Blaise, feast day February 3.  St. Blaise was a physician before becoming a bishop. Both sick people and sick animals went to him to be healed.

   Our next saint was also a physician, Saint Pantaleon.  His feast day is July 27.  He was raised by a pagan father and a Christian mother.  At one point, he left the Faith and became friends with the wrong kind of people .  However, he eventually returned to the Church after listening to a priest, Saint Hermolaus. 

  After finishing his medical studies, he became the doctor of Emperor Maximian.  When he inherited a lot of money from his father, who he had converted to the Faith, St. Pantaleon gave it to the poor.  When he assisted them as a doctor, he did not charge them (ask them to pay) for it.  Some of his patients were healed by his prayers.

   Other doctors turned him in to the anti-Christian authorities.  During his trial, he converted many people when his prayers mentioning Jesus, not the prayers of the pagan priests, cured a paralytic.

   Bribes, threats, and torutues could not get our saint to deny his faith.  He became a martyr when, after other attempts to kill him had failed, he was beheaded.

  Today there are two questions.   The man St. Pantaleon cured during his trial was unable to use some of his muscles.  So, our saint healed a ________.  The next question is a true or false.  All you need to say is true or false.  Saint Hermolaus was also a doctor.

so our saint healed paralytic.and true


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