Catechism Lessons with Fr Paul Morgan (and the Sisters that left the SSPX recently) - online

Dear All,

We have an online catechism class presented by Fr Morgan and attended by about 18 different families living in the UK. It is very successful and informative, please could I encourage you to do the same for your own time zones with other Faithful priests. It really leaves you feeling uplifted and a more unified unit. Please also pray for our Mass.

Dawn Marie organised some conferences on Pascendi about 4 years ago but the technology was not so good. The sound quality and the video is is now very good (until daylight runs out - Fr Morgan lives without electricity!)  It is completely interactive and people may remain anonymous if they wish.

Yours in Christ

Kate Jackson

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Here is last night's catechism class:

Fr Morgan's Catechism Class - 9th July, 2019

Fr Morgan  now has electricity and I noticed last week that the attendance numbers vary enormously.

(just updating...)

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