Cardinal Raymond Burke: A Remnant Interview Jan 9, 2017

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Disappointingly weak at best.

Cardinal Burke: “And I said that what I’m afraid of is to have to appear before Our Lord at the Last Judgment and having to say to Him: “No, I didn’t defend You when You were being attacked, the truth that You taught was being betrayed.” And so, I just don’t give it any thought.”
Which is it Cardinal? Jorge is either Christ’s Vicar or His betrayer. Who do you fear more? Men or God? No moe double talk or veiled speech. Choose this day whom you will serve.

I heard no double talk or veiled speech. I have been probably excessively critical of Cdl. Burke in the past, but I think he is sincerely doing his best. I think his actions are heroic. And I think it is clear that "this day" and on previous days as well, her has chosen to serve God and not man. He even said that he's aware he could be stripped of his cardinalship for what he's doing, but he's willing to take it to the next level with formal charges of error if the dubia aren't addressed. There's really very little in the interview that I can take exception to. Where he falls down, I think, is in his belief that the documents of the Second Vatican Council can be interpreted in such a way that they do not contradict Tradition. And even then he says (not his exact words, but pretty close) that we need to not only look at the eternal teachings of the Church as they are reflected in Vatican II (sic.), but as they appear throughout history. I'm convinced that he's a good guy, and that he is NOT speaking with a forked tongue.

Sorry David, but I disagree. It's Peter denying Christ three times. It swishy washy and it's veiled speech. He's doing no one a favor. On the other hand, I m not suggesting he need raise a ruckus. But he needs to speak clearly, plainly and poignantly. Our souls are at stake. As is Jorge's.

Bill, you say it as it is,,,

thanks for your sincerity and candor...It is NOT time to be a wimpy Cardinal.


Frankly, I've lost my patience for these men in red who used to wear the red as an indication of their willingness to suffer martyrdom for our Lord. Pray for me!

isabelle de mers said:

Bill, you say it as it is,,,

thanks for your sincerity and candor...It is NOT time to be a wimpy Cardinal.


As difficult as this video may be to watch Francis hits the Church with a diabolical fury, his fury must be met with the same fierceness by H.E. Cardinal Burke and others when defending the Faith.  Weak responses, even though they may be intended to defend the Faith will go nowhere.  We must meet the heresy with the flaming sword of truth.

I may be naive, but I hope that Cardinal Burke is bending over backwards to give Francis the benefit of the doubt (or at least give the appearance of giving him the benefit of the doubt), so that when he does file formal charges of heresey no one can claim that he had it in for Francis from the beginning.

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