Boos for Putin; Blues for Russia---by Christopher A. Ferrara

Boos for Putin; Blues for Russia

by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 23, 2011

The Independent of London reported on November 22 that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was “shocked” to be greeted by “boos and whistles” at Moscow’s Olympic Stadium when he entered the ring to congratulate the winner of a martial arts contest. Putin was cultivating his Macho Man image by appearing at the event. The Kremlin, however, made sure that the televised audio feed was replaced by more favorable crowd noises — just like the good old days, when the Communist Party deleted unacceptable images from history books and newspapers.

“A moment of shock flickered across his face as he registered what was happening,” the Independent reports, but Putin “regained his composure and carried on as normal. Nobody can remember anything like it happening before, and one blogger called it ‘the end of an era.’” Yes, it seems that his “frosty reception from thousands of ordinary Russians” means that the coming presidential elections in March 2012 might not be quite the cakewalk Putin had in mind. Why, a significant number of Russians might actually vote against him — as if Russia were some sort of democracy!

Nevertheless, as the Independent notes, “Mr Putin is guaranteed to win” because he has systematically eliminated any serious political opposition. The Independent notes a speech in the Russian parliament by one Gennady Gudkov, who dared to complain that “Our elections are a mix of abuse of administrative resources and work going ahead at full speed to ensure falsification.” Gudkov, who belongs to the Just Russia Party — one of the trivial opposition parties Putin allows to exist as fig leaves to hide the nakedness of his dictatorial rule — complained that “doctors, teachers and other state workers are being forced to vote for Mr Putin's United Russia” party.

More than 27 years after the 1984 ceremony at the Vatican that avoided any mention of Russia like the plague, the farce of the “conversion of Russia” continues, while the Catholic proponents of this mythical conversion persist in their campaign to demonize, marginalize and ostracize their own brethren who see no conversion of Russia because there simply is none.

Meanwhile, Russia remains saddled by the authoritarian rule of a neo-Stalinist pretending to be the leader of a free country — that “poor nation” in which the great mass of common people continue to live under Third World conditions while Putin’s plutocrat cronies thrive under his protective wing. Moscow, reported Forbes magazine in May 2011, now “boasts 79 billionaires, a stunning increase of 21 in just one year. That more than edges out No. 2 New York, with 59 billionaires, and No. 3 London with 41.”

The miserable common folk of Russia can boo their exalted leader — at least for now — but there is nothing they can do to remove him or the Moscow plutocracy from power. The “Chapter 11” reorganization of the “former Soviet Union” is nearly complete, but still the Fatima revisionists hail the “miracle” of the “fall of communism.” Thus we approach Year Twenty-Eight of the “Conversion of Russia” with no conversion in sight. May Our Lady of Fatima bring an end to this debacle before an even worse one descends upon the whole world.

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Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

The Party of Swindlers and Thieves

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 13, 2011

As I write this column, Aleksei Navalny, a Russian lawyer and blogger who has galvanized public opposition to the neo-Stalinist Putin regime, sits in a Moscow jail cell on a charge of “resisting the police” for which he was sentenced to fifteen days. That’s just long enough to insure that he will not be appearing at the anti-government demonstration scheduled for today (December 10, 2011).

Navalny has fixed upon the Putin regime a single phrase — “Party of Swindlers and Thieves” — that summarizes rising public sentiment concerning the state of Russia under Putin and his billionaire cronies in Moscow, which has more billionaires than any city in the world, including New York.

As the New York Times reported on December 9, the just-concluded parliamentary elections, in which Putin’s United Russia party barely polled a majority despite ballot box stuffing and other chicanery, has signaled to the Kremlin that it is now “unable to regain control of the public discourse” which “has been determined inside the Kremlin, where strategists selected and promulgated themes for public discussion...”

Navalny, however, is no liberal. The Times notes that he is a Russian nationalist who attracts support not because of his politics, but because of “the confident challenge he mounts to the system.” The Times describes Navalny as projecting “a serene confidence that events are converging, slowly but surely, against the Kremlin.” Navalny himself has predicted that “Revolution is unavoidable... because the majority of people understand that the system is wrong. When you are in the company of bureaucrats you hear them talking about who has stolen everything, why nothing works and how horrible everything is.”

Navalny was jailed for “resisting the police” even though, as the Times notes, “amateur video show[ed] that he had not resisted arrest, and... the officers who testified against him were not the ones who had arrested him...” An appeals judge refused to look at the evidence, and Navalny remained in a Moscow prison, where he was photographed from the street gripping the bars of the window of his jail cell.

More than twenty-seven years after the Consecration that Wasn’t, the Party of Swindlers and Thieves lords it over the long-suffering Russian people. And now there is talk of revolution in Russia. Putin, of course, will steal the coming presidential election and install himself as “paramount leader” — as the press now calls him in an ironic comparison to the head communist oligarch in still-Red China.

While the common people of Russia endure their miserable lot, the abortion holocaust rages on in Russia and every nation of the once-Christian West, and all of Europe exhibits what John Paul II called “silent apostasy,” the Fatima revisionists continue to inhabit a fantasy world in which Russia was consecrated to Mary and has converted. Any day now, they tell us, we will be witnessing the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. But some 10,000 days have passed since John Paul II conducted the ceremony in which any mention of Russia was deliberately avoided. And in the real world we have seen the results, which are anything but a triumph for the Mother of God.

Putin will get in, of course.  There may be a revolution of some sort, and then the Russian Bear will show its teeth and put down the uprising with tanks and troops.  Maybe then the Western world will realize that the Russian Bear is not our friend after all. Maybe  events will convince the Holy Father to *Finally* consecrate that poor country to Our Lady? (that, and all the prayers and sacrifices offered too).

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for Russia and for all of us

Soviet Journalists Continue to Succumb
to Lead Poisoning

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 19, 2011

There is so much breaking news these days on the conversion of Russia. That is, Russia's conversion from “the former Soviet Union” to the present-day dictatorship under Vladimir Putin.

Like any competent dictator, Putin makes sure that his most vocal critics are eliminated. Where anti-Kremlin journalists are concerned, the method of choice is the hit man. As Reuters notes, at least 32 journalists have been murdered in Russia since 1992, and most of these murders have gone unsolved.

Add another victim to the list. As Reuters reported on December 16, 2011, Gadzhimurat Kamalov, “the founder of a newspaper that investigated government corruption has been shot dead in Russia's North Caucasus region, in what an international watchdog called ‘a lethal blow to press freedom.'”

Kamalov was gunned down as he was leaving the offices of his newspaper Chernovik late at night. The hit man shot him eight times. According to Reuters, quoting the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, “journalists at Chernovik, known for reporting on corruption in the provincial administration, had been ‘routinely persecuted for their work.'” His killing, the Committee laments, was “a massive loss for independent journalism in the North Caucasus, Russia's most dangerous place for reporters...”

Thanks to this epidemic of lead poisoning among journalists critical of the Kremlin, Russia is now ranked “the ninth-worst country in the world for the treatment of journalists,” according to an “impunity index” that ranks countries on the basis of the number of journalists who are killed in unsolved crimes.

While his journalistic opponents eat lead, Putin is scoffing at the recent massive demonstration in Moscow to protest blatant election fraud during the just-concluded parliamentary elections in which Putin's United Russia Party barely polled a majority, even with vote fraud. A Washington Post story reports that Putin is attempting “to soften his authoritarian image, hinting at democratic concessions...” Putin did so during an absurd 41 ½ hour telecast — all Putin, all the time — during which he answered softball questions about his plans for Russia.

During the Putin Telethon the dictator of “converted” Russia said he “might be willing to allow small political parties to register for elections and would be open to the surrender of some of the Kremlin's control over regional politics...” It's all up to him, you see. That's what a dictatorship is all about.

Why mince words? Putin is a thug in a custom-tailored suit. But this thug's rise to power is what some Catholics — those we call the false friends of Fatima — dare to characterize as a “miraculous” regime change brought about by the intervention of the Mother of God. With friends like these, Our Lady of Fatima needs no enemies.

Putin was high-ranking in the KGB for years.  The leopard doesn't change its spots.  Ask anyone who lived under communism. 

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