Beware the companies below: Companies Fighting GMO Labeling

Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting

Beware the companies below:
They are battling your right to know what’s in your food by donating large sums of money
to fight Prop 37 (the California Right to Know Act, a.k.a. Label GMO).
In addition to spending millions to stop GMO labeling in California, these companies are also supporting disinformation
campaigns in which wild charges are made, such as the charge that labeling GMO will greatly increase food prices—it’s
complete nonsense, as we have previously reported.
We encourage you to boycott the below companies and their brands/products (you may be surprised to learn what well-known
brands belong to these massive conglomerates). We are targeting food companies that are trying to stop Prop 37 with their
donations. In many cases, these contributions are hundreds of thousands of dollars—and in some cases, over a million.
Whole Foods Organic - Horizon Organic - Sweet Corn Organic
Dagoba Organic Chocolate - Cascadia Farms Organic - Santa Cruz Organic
General Mills - Simply Orange - Ozzie Juice- Naked Juice - Kashi
Dean Foods - Morningstar Farms - White Wave - Muir Glen - Larabar
Bear Naked - Gardenburger - Honest Tea - Odwalla - After The Fall
R.W. Knudsen - Trench - Conagra - Lightlife - Alexia 
Del Monte - Dole - Godiva Chocolates - Hero nectars, fruit preserves
Bumble Bee Foods, King Oscar, Brunswick, Beachcliff
Campbell soups, Pace, Pepperidge Farm, Prego, Swanson, V8
Hershey, Almond Joy, Reese’s, Mounds, Kit Kat, York, Twizzlers
Idahoan Foods, Instant mashed potatoes, hash browns, and casseroles
Lucky Leaf, Musselman’s, Apple Time, Lincoln, Knouse Food Service
Ocean Spray, Juices, juice drinks, Craisins, cranberry sauce, fruit snacks
Morton seasonings (e.g., Season-All), meat curing, sea salts, and Rust Raze products
SunnyD, BlenDs, EnchanceD, LimiteD
Smithfield, Smoked hams, fresh pork, bacon, sausage, lunchmeat, Lean Generation, Recipe Ready
Heinz, Classico, OreIda, SmartOnes, T.G.I.Friday’s, ABC, Golden Circle, Wattie’s, Lea & Perrins, Nurture
Sara Lee, Arnold, Entenmann’s, Thomas’, Ball Park (buns), Bimbo, Boboli,
Brownberry, Francisco, Frienhoffer, Mrs. Bairds, Oroweat, Stroehamann, Tia Rosa
Truvia Natural Sweetener, Shady Brooks Farms turkey, Diamond Crystal Salt,
Liza oils and dressings, Nature Fresh oil, Peter’s Chocolate, Wilbur Chocolate,
Honeysuckle White turkey, Sterling silver premium, Rumba meats, Good Nature port
Coca Cola, Boca Burger, Dasani, Evian, Smartwater, Dr. Pepper, Just Juice, Nestea,
Monster, Vitaminenergy, Powerade, Minute Made Juices to go, Capri-Sun, Five Alive
Chef Boyardee, Banquet, Egg Beaters, Healthy Choice, Hunt’s, Snack Pack, Reddi-whip,
Wesson, Pam, Hebrew National, David Seeds, Kid Cuisine, Marie Callender’s, Slim Jim
Orville Redenbacher’s,
Silk, Garelick, Lehigh Valley, Tuscan, Swiss, Shenandoah’s, Reiter, Meadow Gold, Robinson Dairy,
Model Dairy, Alta Dena, Swiss Premium, TruMoo, Alpro 
General Mills, Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Gold Medal, Good Earth, Haägen Daz, Pillsbury, Yoplait,
Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fiber One, Lucky Charms, Nature Valley, Hamburger Helper
Similac, Ensure, Glucerna, EAS, EleCare, Jevity, Metabolic, Nepro, Optimental, Osmolite, Oxepa,
Pedialyte, PediaSure, Perative, Pivot, Polycose, ProMod, Promote, Pulmocare, Suplena, Survanta,
TwoCal, ZonePerfect
Hormel, Farmer John, Valley Fresh, Spam, Not.So.Sloppy.Joe, Herbox, Saags, Lloyds, Jennie-O,
Dinty Moore, Chi-Chi’s, Di-Lusso, Stagg Chili, World Food
House Autry sauces (cocktail, honey mustard, tartar, and “Bold & Zesty Dippin’ Sauce”); chicken,
pork, and seafood breading; hushpuppy, biscuit, cornbread, and corn meal mixes; onion ring coating mix
Jamba Juice, Burger King, T.G.I.Friday’s, Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs, Rader Farms, Poore Brothers,
Tato Skins, Braids Pretzels, Bob’s Texas Style
Smucker Co, Crisco, Dunkin’ Donuts, Folgers, Jif, Adam’s Peanut Butter, Café Bustelo, Crosse & Blackwell,
Dickinson’s, Dutch Girl, Eagle Brand, Hungry Jack, Kava, Knott’s Berry Farm, Medaglia D’Oro, MillStone,
None Such, Pillsbury, Recharge, Red River, WhiteLily
Kellog's, Cheez-It, Famous Amos, Keebler, Special K, Pringles, Austin, Mother’s Cookies, Carr’s, Gardenburger,
Worthington, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Rice Krispies, pop-tarts, Chips Deluxe Cookies, Eggo, All-Bran, Nutri-Grain,
Frosted Flakes, Crunch Nut, Krave, Coco Pops, Fruit Loops, Corn Flakes, Corn Pops, TownHouse
Kraft Foods, A-1 Steak Sauce, Alpen Gold, Cadbury, Capri Sun, Cheeze Whiz, Chips Ahoy!, Cool Whip,
Cracker Barrel, Crystal Light, Dentyne, General Foods, Gevalia, Honey Maid, Halls, Jell-O, Kraft, Kool-Aid,
Oscar Mayer, Maxwell House, Miracle Whip, Nabisco, Newtons, Nilla, Nutter Butter, Oreo, Philadelphia,
Planters, Ritz, Stove Top, Tang, Tolberone, Trident, Triscuit, Velveeta, Wheat Thins
Land O' Lakes, Butter, Saute Express, cheese, spreads & margarine, eggs, half & half, whipping cream,
cocoa & cappuccino mixes, sour cream, milk
Mars Foods, Wrigley’s, Uncle Ben’s, Flavia, Klix, Aterra Coffee Roasters, Bright Tea Co., CocoaVia, Seramis,
Wisdom Panel, Dolmio, Ebly, MasterFoods, Raris, Royco, Suzi Wan, Winterfresh, Starburst, Skittles, Orbit,
LifeSavers, Eclipse, Altoids, Dove, 3 Musketeers, Combos, M&M’s, MilkyWay, Twix, Snickers, Kudos, Galax,
Pedigree dog food, Whiskas cat food
McCain Foods, Anchor, Babycakes, Brew City, Chef Sensations, Flavorlasts, Golden Crip, Harvest Splendor,
Moore’s, Ovations, Redstone Canyon, Smiles, Sweet Classics, Taste Travelers
McCormick herbs and spices, seasonsing mixes (i.e., McCormick fajita seasoning), extrats and food colors,
Grill Mates, seafood breading, batters, sauces, and rubs
Nestle Foods, Carnation, DiGiorno, Hot Pockets, Lean Cuisine, Abuelita, Nestle Toll House, La Lechera,
Libby’s Pumpkin, 100 Grand, Baby Ruth, Bottle Caps, Butterfinger, Skinny Cow, Crunch, Wonka, Nips,
Nescafe, Coffee-mate, Taster’s Choice, JuicyJuice, Nesquik, Dreyer’s, Drumstick, Edy’s, Haagen-Dazs,
Push-up, Buitoni, California Pizza Kitchen, DiGiorno, Lean Pockets, Stouffer’s, Tombstone
PepsiCo, Frito Lay, Tropicana, Quaker, Gatorade, Izze, Mountain Dew, AMP Energy, Seattle’s Best Coffee,
Tazo iced teas, SoBe, Aquafina, Brisk, Lipton, Propel Zero, Miss Vickie’s, Sabra hummus, Sunchips
Bird’s Eye, Armour, Duncan Hines, Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Vlasic, Voila!, Celeste, Hungry-Man,
Aunt Jemima, Lender’s, Snyder’s, Husman’s
Blue Plate, Bonus Blend, Carroll Shelby’s Chili, CDM, French Market, JFG, La Martinique, Luzianne,
Old Dutch Dressing, Presto, Swans Down, Try Me Sauces, Wick Fowler’s Chili
Sara Lee desserts, Sunbeam, Hillshire Farms, Ball Park Franks, Jimmy Dean, Deli d’Italia, Deli Perfect,
Galileo, Hornimans, Java Coast, Kahn’s, Mr. Turkey, Natreen, Pizza d’Oro, Pickwick, Sara Lee deli,
Steamers, Sunbeam
Monsanto - Bunge North America - Dow Agrosciences LLC - Croplife
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Co. - Syngenta Corporation

Food Manufacturers Who Support GMO Labeling 

Ambrosial Granola, inc. - American Natural & Organic Spices - Amy’s Kitchen
Ancient Organics - Annie's, Inc. - B-Alive Natural Foods - Bad Ass Organics
Beanfields Snacks - Beanitos, The Original Bean Chips - Bear River Valley Beef
Blackbird Naturals - Brad’s Raw Chips - Bucha Live Kombucha - Cal-Stevia
Bumble Bee Health Foods - Cazadero Winery - Chappellet Winery - Cyanotech
Charcoal Companion Inc. - Clif Bar & Company - Country Choice Organic
Davidsons Organic Teas - Earth Balance - Earthbeam Natural Foods - Eden Foods
Earthbound Honey Ltd - Edward & Sons - Elemental Superfood - Foxy Treats
Energy Essentials Whole Plant Food Manufacturing Company - Funnel Mill
Foothill Organic Growers - Four Elements Organics - Good Earth Natural Foods
Glee’s Baking and Milling Company - Glutino Food Group - GoMacro Inc
Grain Place Foods, Inc. - Granny Lulu's Gluten-Free Gourmet Sandwiches
Greenville Organic Foods Organization - Guayaki - Gum Tree Inc. - Hail Merry Snacks
Hawaiian Ola - Health-Ade - Healthforce Nutritionals - Humboldt Hot Sauce
Heartsong Pasta - Hoa's Vegetarian & Vegan Spring Rolls - J&H Produce, Inc.
Kona Coffee Farmer’s Association - Las Hermanas Organics - Late July Organic Snacks
Little Bee Pops - Lopino Foods -
Lundberg Family Farms - M2 Ingredients, Inc.
Majestic Chili - Mary's Gone Crackers - Merton's Maple Syrup - Mt. Eden Organics
Naturally Yours Organics - Nature’s Express - Nature’s Kitchen - Numi Organic Tea
Nature’s Path Foods - New Chapter - Nutiva - Organic Valley - Organicville
Pacific Foods - Passport Dinners - Pines International, Inc. - Purely Organic, Ltd.
Rudi's Organic Bakery - Rumiano Cheese Co. - Sambazon - San Diego Soy Dairy
Scenario International LLC - Simpli - Sky Island Organics - SlantShack Jerky
St. Helena Olive Oil Co - Staff of Life Natural Foods - Starbars™ - Stonyfield Farm
Straus Family Creamery - Sue's Organics - SunRidge Farms - Sun Warrior - Sunfood
Sunshine Natural Health Foods - Tasty Brand, Inc. - The California Olive - Turtle Island
The Grove Certified Organic California Produce - Udi's Gluten Free Foods
Tilted Shed Ciderworks Hard Cider Brewery - Uncle Matt's Organic - Via Organica
United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI) - Vivapura - Wallaby Yogurt Company
Whole Living Naturals - Whole Soy Company
Kristen, 9/27/12
Most Store Honey Isn't Honey 

Brands That Are Not Real Honey:
American Choice Clover Honey  - Archer Farms Orange Blossom Honey
Archer Farms Organic Classic Honey - Busy Bee Organic Honey
Busy Bee, Pure Clover Honey - CVS Honey - Fred Meyer Clover Honey
Full Circle Pure Honey - Giant Eagle Clover Honey - GE Clover Honey
Great Value, Clover Honey - Haggen Honey, Natural & Pure
HT Traders Tupelo Honey - Kroger Pure Clover Honey - Rite Aid Honey
Market Pantry Pure Honey - Mel-o 100 % Pure Honey
Natural Sue Bee Clover Honey - Naturally Preferred Fireweed Honey
Safeway Clover Honey - Silver Bow Pure Honey - Sue Bee Clover Honey
Stop and Shop Clove Honey - Thrifty Bee Honey - Valutime Honey
Walgreen MEL-O honey - Western Family Clover Honey
Wegman Clover Honey - Winnie the Pooh, Pure Clover
American Choice Clover Honey

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Thanks for this.

Thank you so very much for this information.  I did not know about the honey! I am also surprised by some of the companies listed.   Here is yet another area where we are being 'attacked'.   If there are any traditional Catholics, with the resources, who have started or if they can start their own good food companies,  that would be absolutely wonderful!

I had not heard of GMO's until I got this notice.  I guess GMO's when consumed by lab rats caused cancer and malformations at a rate unprecedented.

It is incredible what satan will not stoop to in order to destroy man by sin and corruption on the spiritual plain  and even using means to cause his earthly death in the temporal plain.

It's mind boggling.

Monsanto is the very worst, here in the Midwest.  I often go by one of their plants.  Their sign in front of their building simply says 'Imagine'.   

GMO's are the result of greed: more money to be made; products have longer shelf life.  But it creates a nightmare, not only does it cause health problems directly, it also indirectly affects farmers who are growing organic crops as it affects the pollination. 

GMO is yet another angle, tactic to break our spirits and it is yet another sign of what I call the Beast at work.   However those who have Mary, need not fear.  What a blessing we know who Mary is and if only the whole world would know Her!



Yes, thanks for this info.  I agree that it is simply mind-boggling.  The trouble is now I don't know what to buy in the store.  :-p  :-p  :-o

I had heard something about the honey before. (not being "real honey" even though labeled as such). Fortunately we have a local beekeeper whom we can buy honey from.  They said that it was a bad year for them because of the drought and even worse for farmers in the Midwest US.  Some very large producers are having to feed their bees and got no honey this year.

I agree with Mary Ellen's post.  We have to trust in Our Dear Mother to help us through this vale of tears.

WOW what a list!

The GMO's have Hurt our little Friends the Bees more than anyone knows.  A local apple orchard owner Here in Illinois told me that the GMO food casues big problem in hive development and in the worker bees abilities to find their ways back to hives.  The poor little guys are getting lost after loading up on GMO plants and pesticides.   The pesticides used  are causing huge problems to the wildlife and the  the soil.  The crop rotation solution to naturally nutritional soil is being devestated and sucked out of the ground by the GMOs and cannot be added back in with fertilizers.  My Sister Grows Feed cord on Her farm for Cattle in wisconsin and they lease it out to Libby Foods.  Libby has represented themselves to be Land Friendly and have been Growing 3 Cycles a year of GMO Hybyid Corn that is unedible to people.  The Corn taste like chemicals.  Its disgusting and they are feeding it to Milk cows for Deans Foods and to Wisconsin Cattle and Pigs.  The bigger problem is that the land is so depleted of natural nutrient and years of pesticide residue that it will take an unknown number of YEARS for the pesticide residues to be absorbed and allowing the feilds to grow wild for a minimum of 3 years for natural growth to reestablish a non acidic, non nitrogenic soil base.  Libby has ruined the lad over the past 7 years and its estimated they will have to rest the land for 4 years to reset the natural state and the familys natural planting cycles that were in the family for years, were given to rest the land 2/3rds a year every 7th year. This is a huge disruption of their income.  Libbys food is just a bunch of Greedy morons who are careless towards the land and think that they can slove everything by putting blinders over the eyes of the landowners with fancy chemical jargon and saying they have solutions for everything until notings growing?  How Come?  They depleted the lands natural resources and the dirt is now as valuable as sand.

Wow!  Thank you, Daniel for that sobering and sad insight.  It is worse than I thought.  :-(

Whole Foods confirms it knowingly sells products containing Monsanto's genetically modified corn: Don't ask, don't tell!
Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association has been protesting Whole Foods for several years, demanding
the company label the GMOs it sells. Whole Foods management has foolishly ignored him. In fact, until recently his efforts...
Europe-wide ban on Monsanto GM corn imminent in wake of French study linking it to cancer
Pending affirmation by its national health agency, France is expected to call for an official ban on
Monsanto's genetically-modified (GM) corn very soon "at a European level," according to the French
news source RFI. Following the...
First, look at normal home grown tomatoes

Now take a look at Monsanto GMO tomatoes.

Also, when rats eat GM corn, they develop horrifying tumors. Seventy percent of females die
prematurely, and virtually all of them suffer severe organ damage from consuming GMO.
These are the scientific conclusions of the first truly "long-term" study ever conducted on
GMO consumption in animals, and the findings are absolutely horrifying
                                                            GMO red and purple tomatoes
How to Harvest and Save Tomato Seeds
by threemealsfarm
Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 10:50 pm
With the waning of the blistering summer heat comes the end of the life cycle for many of the summer crops planted in the garden and produce available at the farmers market. This means it is time for harvesting seeds for the next growing season and saving the promise of delicious produce for years to come.
9 Tips for Growing Container Trees
by Jason Wiskerchen

Thursday, September 20, 2012, 7:01 pm
Get a small orchard going or source some fruit from your patio by planting in containers.  A great way to combine food production with making things look nicer in the backyard.
Cold Frame and Hotbed Gardening
by Jason Wiskerchen

Monday, September 24, 2012, 12:11 pm
A video explaining how to setup a cold frame and hotbed to help grow year round or extend you overall growing season.
Russia's small-scale organic agriculture model may hold the key to feeding the world
Imagine living in a country where having the freedom to cultivate your own land, tax-free and
without government interference, is not only common but also encouraged for the purpose of
promoting individual sovereignty and strong, healthy...


Five ways small-scale organic farming can save agriculture from America's 'greed for profit' system
All around the world, the push to globalize the food supply by consolidating food production into large-scale,
corporatized agricultural systems controlled by a select few is causing massive environmental destruction and
immense poverty...

GMO victory within reach? Proposition 37 is 'likely to pass' declares LA Times (but your help still needed!)
Proposition 37, the GMO labeling bill that's on the ballot in California, is polling 2-to-1 in favor of passing,
the LA Times is now reporting. 61% of registered voters currently support GMO labeling, and only 25%

oppose it. This high...




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