Answer to prayer! Posted by Crusader Mark Lecomber on March 8

I am re-posting this for Mark here in the discussion section.  Pretty sure many of you didn't see this in the blog part it was in.~~~DM

Answer to prayer!

I have not contributed much over the last few years but I am aware that my family and I have benefitted from support and, most importantly, the prayers of members over the years. I am therefore, delighted to announce that – after fifteen years of trying and numerous miscarriages – my wife gave birth to a baby boy last week. Gabriel Francis Alban Lecomber was born three-weeks early on 1/3/18 weighing 5lb7oz. He had to stay in hospital for a couple of days but is now home and is doing well, having regained the majority of the weight he lost after birth and seems to be getting longer already! My wife, Rebecca, has been amazing throughout and seems to be over the worst of the pain and is getting used to nursing Gabriel.


We visited several clinics regarding infertility including a Catholic clinic in the UK and all of the experts contributed to helping our fertility to the point that we did not have to resort to IVF or other means of artificial conception. However, the single biggest change, resulting in Rebecca ovulating regularly for the first time in her life, occurred immediately after we visited the Holy Shrine of Lourdes over Easter 2015 and bathed in the miraculous waters.


I pledged to Our Holy Mother that I would complete another pilgrimage in thanksgiving if all went well with the birth. My only dilemma now is that I really would quite like to return to Lourdes so it does not seem to be much of a sacrifice on my part to do so!


I would like to thank everyone for their prayers as well as to simply share our joy and give some encouragement about the efficacy of prayer (I know I need this often). I don’t remember how many 54-day Rosary novenas I have prayed for the intention of having a child but I am currently ¾ the way through one now having petitioned for and now in thanksgiving for a safe birth and healthy baby, both of which we have been blessed with.

United in Our Holy Mother,


PS 'Francis is a family name (as well as the name of numerous great saints), Alban is a saint's name too with several links to me and my family and Gabriel is a name we chose before we knew we were having a boy and I think it is rather cool that every time I say the Hail Mary I am echoing the words spoken by the Archangel Gabriel to our Blessed Mother! 

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Thank God and His Most Holy Mother for this wonderful blessing!

Congratulations, Mark!  What a beautiful and bright-eyed bundle of joy you have!  :-)  Wishing you God's blessings always.


Isn't this just beautiful.  At this point personally I needed this boost of encouragement in prayer as things are very discouraging.  THIS is a miracle most definitely.  I remember thinking a few years ago how much against the odds it would be for both of you to have a child and now after many years of suffering and prayer God grants a miracle.  That baby is so cute!!!  Congratulations Mark and Mrs. Mark :)

Honour, Glory, Praise and thanksgiving to God who through the intercession of the Virgin Mother hears and answers our prayers.    May Almighty God Bless you all and may Our Blessed Mother Mary the Immaculate Conception keep you all under Her maternal protection.................God Bless you all and have a holy and happy Easter.

Congratulations! Praise God, literally.

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