Dear Crusaders,

We will be starting a 13 month effort of rosaries, Masses, Spiritual Communions, and Perpetual Rosaries for the consecration of Russia beginning November 13th 2015 and concluding December 13th 2016.  At the end of this endeavor we will include all rosaries, Spiritual Communions and Masses offered which will be sent to Rome as a Spiritual Bouquet.

We have considered that 2017 will be the 100 year mark which may mean times is up. 

While we do not know---only God knows, we thought this may be our last chance to offer any type of Crusade for this intention so we wish to give it our all.

We are lining up some Fathers who are willing to offer Masses for this intention for the Crusaders as a whole or for any Crusaders or any others who will be joining us in this who would like to have Masses offered individually.  In other words if you wish to have a Mass offered for this intention over and above what the Crusaders will already be doing we will have the Fathers addresses available to send the request. (Please note you must send your own stipend if you have a Mass said, the Crusaders of the Immaculate Heart will cover all Mass stipends for Masses which we will have scheduled for this event).

Also PLEASE NOTE we have had to make the decision to move all of the Perpetual Rosary Groups to their own location.  They have continued growing everyday and we are running or will soon run out of room for so many here at the site.

They have been moved HERE but for those who like to mark their decade as having been prayed daily in their group we have set up one group HERE at the Crusaders where everyone can go to make their daily record by putting their Amen's or whatever form you use to show it was prayed.

We will have more detailed information about the 13 month effort of prayer and Masses in the coming days.  It is yet a work in progress but should be ready soon.

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Thank you for doing this for us  Dawn Marie.

So do we have to establish a new password/user for the new site?  We can't use the ones

we use for the Crusader site?

No you don't need to join at the new place.  No one joins.  You can just comment if you want.

However for people who like to keep track daily at the Crusaders (like myself and some others) we set up one group here with all the other groups listed in it HERE




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